Tax Free Day - Saturday, August 12!!

  1. Reminder for all tPFers in New England, or anyone who can be in Boston on Saturday -- there is no sales tax that day for purchases under $2,500!! Hmmm, let's see --- Garden Party MMs ... pad holder.....bracelets....

    Plenty of goodies under that level - and we'll save 5%!! :yahoo:
  2. OOOh, Evelyne pm, Bearn, shoes, scarves! You guys are so lucky!
  3. I'm jealous. We need to have tax-free day in California.
  4. ^ but my dear, remember, they can ship!
  5. funnyredhed-Did you buy anything today without tax?:graucho:
  6. No Tax!!!!!!! I Need A Garden Party!!!!!
  7. Red, does that mean we wouldn't have to pay tax on 1/4 to 1/3 of a Kelly/Birkin.?:P I know, I know...

    Shoes, get on the train ASAP!!!:graucho:
  8. Very funny gk!! I would but...I have a little something in the works so I cannot be buying anything more for now...:roflmfao: But can't wait to hear what funnyredhead gets!
  9. Garden Party MM in Rouge Imperiale!! :yahoo: Also got a cashmere/silk shawl -- forget the name of the pattern (Jardin d'Arm....something) but it looks like a Persian rug.
  10. No - it's only tax-free on the price of items less than $2500 -- so the whole item has to cost less than $2500.

    Too bad -- Boston had a couple of gorgeous Kellys and Bolides on the shelf today!!
  11. I knew that of course, but it was a fun idea:graucho: Actually you're lucky the ceiling was that high. When some other states do this the top is $200 or so.:sad:
  12. funnyredhead what kellys did u see on the shelf ?
  13. I want a GP in red, too!!!!!!!!!
  14. Pics, Pics, Pics! Pretty please!!??!?!?!?
  15. Those red ones are gorgeous -- yes please what color bags FRH??!!!