Tax Free Chanel Price in the UK

  1. Does anyone know if the Chanel in the UK do tax refund at all?

    I know Heathrow gives us 15% off but what about the stores/franchises?

    Since I do not techinically spend the required time in the UK I am considered an ex pat so can claim back all my VAT! yayyyyyyyyy
  2. From HMRC

    6.What do I do when I buy tax free goods?

    At the time you buy the goods the retailer will ask you to provide proof that you are eligible to use the Scheme. For example the retailer will ask to see your passport. You will then be asked to complete and sign some simple details on a refund form. The form will be either;
    • an official Customs Form VAT 407; or
    • a shop or refund company’s own version of the VAT 407 form ; or
    • a VAT Retail Export Scheme sales invoice.
    You must have one of these forms, till receipts alone are not acceptable.
    The form should be completed at the time you buy the goods in the presence of the retailer. You cannot ask another person to complete and sign these details on your behalf.
    You should also agree with the shop how your refund will be repaid to you.
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    7.When must I export the goods?

    You must export the goods from the EC by the last day of the third month following that in which the goods were purchased. For example, goods purchased on 3 February would have to be exported by 31 May."
  3. 8.What must I do when I leave the UK?

    (a) Leaving for an immediate destination outside the EC:
    If you are not travelling to any other country within the EC, you must present your goods and the refund form to UK Customs at your port or airport of departure. Items that will be checked in as hold baggage must be produced to Customs before you check in your baggage.
    During busy periods, queues are likely and you should allow yourself plenty of time in which to produce the goods and refund form prior to departure. This is particularly important if you are exporting goods in your hold baggage as any extra time allowed should be in addition to your advised check in time.
    When Customs are satisfied that all the conditions of the Scheme have been met, they will certify and return your refund form to you.
    (b) Leaving the EC via another EC country:
    If you are departing the EC via another EC country, you must present the goods and the refund form to the Customs authorities of that country.
    (c) Leaving the EC on a through ( transit ) flight via another EC Member State:
    There are special rules for goods being carried on through flights leaving via another Member State.
    • Hand Baggage:
      Goods carried as hand baggage must be produced to Customs in the last EC Country with the refund form before leaving to return home.
    • Hold Baggage:
      Goods carried as hold baggage must be produced to Customs in the UK with the refund form before you check in your baggage.
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    9.What should I do if there is no Customs presence?

    In most cases you will be able to locate a Customs Officer to certify your form. However, some of the smaller UK ports and airports do not have a 24 hour Customs presence. At such places there will be either a telephone to ring the officer or a clearly marked Customs post box to deposit your form. Customs will collect the form and if they are satisfied that all the conditions have been met, they will certify it and return it to the retailer to arrange your refund.
    There is no facility to have your form certified in your country of destination.
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    10.How do I obtain my refund?

    After your VAT refund form has been certified by Customs you can either:
    • post the form back to the retailer to arrange payment of your refund;
    • post the form back to a commercial refund company to arrange payment of your refund;
    • hand your form to a refund booth to arrange immediate payment.
    Whichever method is used should have been agreed between yourself and the retailer when you bought the goods.
    Your refund may be reduced by an administration charge. This charge should be clearly shown on your refund form.
    If you do not receive your refund within a reasonable time you should write to the retailer - not to Customs and Excise.
  4. Further help and advice

    If you need further help or advice or more copies of Customs and Excise Notices, please call the National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm.
    If you have hearing difficulties please ring the Textphone service on 0845 000 0200.
    All calls are charged at the local rate within the UK. Charges may differ from mobile phones.
    Alternatively, you can visit our website at
  5. Thanks tons for the info, but Chanel give VAT back?
  6. Yes, Chanel give VAT back. When you purchase from them ask them for a VAT form, and they will stamp your receipt for VAT claimed and give you a receipt for the amount you will be refunded at the airport. They do charge a small admin fee for the first Chanel item but if you buy more than one item in the future ask them to put the information on the same VAT form so that you only get charged admin once.
  7. cool!