tax free chanel on sale?

  1. Hi- I live in texas and was wondering if any stores w/ pre-sale chanel would ship tax free- I already called ny but they had nothing? What states please- it doesn't matter if it is Saks, nm, or a boutique
  2. I live in CA. and order my Chanel purse via phone with Saks @ MI with no sales tax charged.
  3. actually, all stores are supposed to cahrge you tax if we have a store in TX. This means Nords, NM, Chanel boutique adn SAKS are all supposed to charge tax.
  4. There is gift tax in some states where if you order from the NM and send it to an address other than yours, you will not be charged tax. You can send it to you family or to yu neighbor two doors down. I know it works at the NM in Michigan and DC. BG and Saks are good too. Purses are expensive, don't be afraid to ask a SA how to reduce/avoid the tax.
  5. thanks! i ordered from saks ny before and they did not charge tax- got my gst there-they sent it to my address- did I just get lucky?
  6. it depends on SA, some do charge tax, yet sometimes they will even throw in free s&h. Guess it depends on how bad they need the commission?:shrugs: