tAx dEaDLiNe is DrIvIng mE CraZy@! so aS a TrEaT, i'M pIcKinG uP soMeThiNg......

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  1. it has been a stressful weekend, tax is due (DH always waits till the LAST minute) and our accountant's even calling us on a Sunday!

    but to ease my stress drama, i will be picking up a little something from our store! and i'm VERY EXCITED!

  2. Yah, :yahoo:good for you Pazt, sounds like you deserve a little something.
    Why do DHs always do that????
    Cant wait to see.
  3. Yay! :woohoo:
  4. but first things first. i'm off to the post office to mail out this tax stuff. ugh!
  5. At least yours is done!

    Whatcha getting?
  6. :popcorn:

  7. Can't wait for pics...
  8. Hints??? Color? leather? cm?
  9. I CAN NOT believe you are holding out on us!!! What a little tease!
  10. KB - yes, i'm mailing a letter requesting for an EXTENSION! lol :cursing: :sad::nogood:
  11. Uhhhhh Hey Mama!!! Whatcha Getting!!!!!!!????
  12. surely you are gonna give us a little hint of what you have in mind...
  13. So....whatsitlike?
  14. Ugh! Line is up to outside of the post office! Crazy!

    Hope to get to the store before it closes!
  15. I am felling your pain girl. Our acct also called on Sunday and I am off to the post office first thing in the morning. Can't wait for the reveal