Tax back from Paris?

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  1. Hi does anyone know how to get your tax back from purchases made in Paris/France? Thanks.
  2. When you are in Paris, you have to ask the stores for the d-tax form. It's filled out by you and then before you leave Paris there is a designated area at the airport where
    this form is turned in and an inspector may or may not ask to see the item. After he stamps or validates the form. you stick it the post, it gets sent back to the store and then your d- tx is processed. I also think there is an area where you can do it also at the airport and they give you $ back then.
  3. For my birkin, the de tax is done after security. After stamping on the form, you can put back inside envelope and mail in out immediately.There is a mail collection box nearby.
  4. Hotshot and meowcsj thank you so much for the quick replies. I will also be traveling to Canada at the end of this month for vacation and just found out that the Canadian government did away with the GST/HST visitor tax refund program :tdown: That will put a damper on any purchases made at H. :crybaby:
  5. It's been many years since visitors have been able to claim their GST/PST in Canada.
  6. Yes I found that out after I googled Canadian tax. As you can tell the last time I was in Ottawa 2 years ago I did not do any shopping so I didn't even bother to look into it :smile: Oh well, the dollar is still stronger than the CAD and tax in my state is pretty high so I guess it may still be less expensive to pick up a Birkin if I'm lucky. I will be in Vancouver do you know if I will be charged the GST & PST or just GST? Thanks.
  7. PST in BC is 7% and GST is 5%. You would be charged both on any purchases.
  8. Thanks Mistikat. Now that I know that I will be charged 7 % and 5% I think that 8+% in my state may be much cheaper ;) Do you know what the current price for a 30 or 35 cm Togo/Clemence Birkin in BC is right now? Thanks for your help.
  9. Meowcsj how long does it usually take for you to take the tax back? Thanks
  10. I am not 100 per cent sure, but I think with tax a 35 in togo or clemence now in Canada is about $10,225.... and they aren't that readily available on the shelf.
  11. Thanks. I guess I will just skip H in Vancouver and save my money for H in Paris. Thanks.
  12. I was last in Canada in 2004 and had things sent to US and avoided tax that way, No more?
  13. I have found the tax refund companies to be pretty efficient and had the money refunded to the cc eve before the bill was due.

  14. Gracekelly you are correct. I read that you can have the business ship your item to a noncanadian residence and it's tax free. I forgot all about that. So do you pay for the tax upfront and then get the refund by using one of the companies? Or do you leave the item at the store to be shipped and they do not charge you tax? If no one knows and I just so happen on a Birkin in Vancouver :yahoo:I will post a reply here.
  15. Mistikat I found a post from zipzipzip who stated recently that a 35 cm Togo Birkin was $11,172 canadian which is $9,659 USD. This is more expensive than purchasing a 35 Birkin in the US which is currently $8950. I will definitely skip Vancouver and wait for Paris.