Tax back at LV...How long?

  1. Hi guys, please give me information on getting tax back from the airport after purchasing from Australia LV. How many days do we have to leave the country and collect the tax back? Can LV issue me another receipt dating the purchase for a later date?
  2. Its 30 days before you travel overseas. And no, I don't think LV will issue another receipt for a later date. Oh and, you need to bring the goods to the TRS office, they might want to check just to make sure that you are taking them outa the country.
  3. and if you bring it back into the country you have to pay for the GST at customs in australia so best to use the bag and throw away the reciept
  4. yep, as others have said, you have to have purchased it within 30 days of leaving the country.
    I claimed tax back on some stuff when going to malaysia in the beginning of january, and requested a check to be sent to the malaysian address i was staying, and it never arrived!! i was planning on using it as spending money. now its april and were still trying to track down our money and just have it put into a bank account.
  5. So is it best not to buy your LV overseas?
  6. I guess its a bit complicated to get a check refund, last time when i claimed tax back, they credited my cc within 3 days.
  7. Thanks guys. What a bummer, I was meant to leave already but something came up and now I can't leave, I have spent about $6000 at Lv which is about $600 tax back. If I had known earlier I would not buy it so early in my trip. $600 could fund my next bag...
  8. Guys, help me with another question. if my receipt for LV is dated 30th of March, which is the last day to claim tax back? 28th apr or 29th apr? What happens if I am 1 day late, will they give an exception as its one day only? Thanks
  9. You are asking very technical Qs which I think only a tax specialist can answer! With hindsight you should have done your homework before going shopping! LOL

    OK sorry you're probably annoyed at me right now. Anyway, this is my experience but it was a while ago. I was in Australia in 2001 and got tax back at the airport on jewellery. I received cash. Also at the time it was a condition to reclaiming tax, that when you buy the item you tell the seller who had to seal the item in a bag with, I think, a copy of the receipt so you couldn't use the item whilst in the country. Then, I think, at the airport they matched the receipt in the bag with the one the seller gives you (and if they wanted they could inspect the purchase), then I got tax refunded which I then spent at the airport.

    May be things have changed since 2001, but if not you've got to tell the seller at the time of purchase you're planning on getting a tax refund so they can package your goods appropriately and give you the right paperwork.

    However, like I say, things could have changed since then. Also, I'm not sure if you can claim tax on everything or selected goods.
  10. LOL, I'm not annoyed. I'm happy to get any info at all. Thanks mh12