Taverniti Jeans!!!

  1. I have this little boutique down the street from me and they sell awesome jeans...true religion and R&R and Seven and AG...and i recently got a pair of Taverniti jeans which are AWESOME!!!! check them out online...they are so comfy and fit amazing!!!! just wanted to share because i have never seen these before!!!
  2. I've seen Taverniti jeans at a few Chicago boutiques I like, but have never tried them on. How's the fit? Are they true-to-size, or tend to run small? What about length? (I'm a 5'2" midget, so I have trouble with jeans...)
  3. hey i think they are definatly true to size and i am the same size as you almost 5 3 but i get all my jeans hemmed so even if they are long it doesnt bother me cause i know ill need to hem them!