Tavern On the Green-Dissapointment?

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  1. Hey, I was wondering if any of you have gone to Tavern On the Green in NYC. Did you have a good experience there? I always hear the scenery is stunning, but reading reviews on aol reviews or something or other, there were a few horrible reviews about the food and service. I am 20 years old, and I read that they only treat the apparently wealthy with excellent care and service. Has anyone experienced this? I booked reservations for late July for me and my girlfriends anniversary but I'm wondering if I should cancel? Please help, thanks!!
  2. We locals usually don't eat there because the food's supposed to be so bad. It's really mostly tourists who go there.
  3. hi there. i had a business dinner there many years ago, in 1995. we were a small group of about 6 people, and because it was my first trip to new york, it all seemed very wonderful and grown-up. of course a lot can change in more than 10 years but i remember the service being attentive but not distracting, the food mostly forgettable but the cheesecake being great.

    four of us were asians on a study trip and none of us looked particularly wealthy :lol: our hosts were american businessmen but not terribly wealthy-looking either. we were treated well, and the waiters were very willing to accommodate requests like taking our photographs, rearranging our table so that everyone could fit into the photo. i suppose if you turn up in appropriate attire, behave well and just relax and have a good time, you should have nothing to worry about! (oh, and do let me know if the cheesecake is still as good as i remember it! :love: )
  4. I went there once while on vacation and though that the food was only so-so and the service was a bit snotty. I didn't pick up the tab so I don't know about prices. I had fun though. I don't think it's a very *romantic* restaurant so you might reconsider for that reason. I remember the rooms being very big and crowded.
  5. A better restaurant in the area with a similar price point is Gabriel's on W. 60th (Tuscan). Afterwards, go into the hotel across the street in the new Time Warner shopping complex (entrance is across from Gabriel's though--don't go into the main shopping entrance) and treat your friend to a nightcap at the bar at the top. The drinks are pricey but the views of Manhattan are wonderful.
  6. I took my friends there when they came to visit me for New Years a few years ago. The food is okay, the service is crappy (very snotty especially if you're young), and the food is way way overpriced. If you want to go because it's famous & it is pretty-go have a drink there. There are a lot better restaurants in NYC.

    I will say that Tavern does have the best yogurt parfait I've ever had though.
  7. Jee, good thing I researched this!! Well, what are a few very VERY nice romantic spots in the city? I generally like places that have some kind of nice scenery, but of course, I do enjoy great food. Thanks! I'll check out Gabriel's as well thanks susan-eric!
  8. i've been there a couple years ago. the service was good. (i was in college when i went so i guess the service depends on the server if you're young?) the ambiance was nice... but the food was not so good. i don't remember specifically what the food tasted like but i remember telling my bf when we left, "let's not come back here again." the food was just not good from what i remember.
  9. I was there for lunch, in 2002, and had a great experience. I wouldn't say the food is fantastic, but it's decent. We sat out on the patio and received excellent service.
  10. Hmmm.. well I just cancelled my reservations there. I'm open to suggestions for an upper price range, romantic setting. Looking for a WoW factor here. Ugh :cry:
  11. Are you looking for something in that particular neighborhood, or are you open to other neighborhoods?
  12. Well, close to the central park area. I'm coming from North Jersey, so I would like in that general vacinity. Anyone dined at alain - ducasse at the essex house?
  13. How about Cafe Des Artistes? It also tends to be a bit touristed, but the food is a lot better than Tavern. It's a romantic place and the tab will be about half of Ducasse's place, although still substantial--but costwise more comparable to T on the G. Around $250 with tax and tip and drinks
  14. Ooo la la :yes: That sounds like a great pick!! It looks like a very romantic setting, just what I was looking for. Have you heard of Jean Georges in the Trump Tower? That looked like a very romantic setting as well. I think it may be between the two. Per-Se would be amazing, but the reservations have to be 2 months in advance arggg. T
  15. Aww And I just went on their website and a review of it had the cutest story. A man proposed to his Girlfriend there and called ahead of time to surprise her. He had them bring out a cake that said "Will you marry me?" on it and after she said yes they brought out a complimentary cake that said "Thank you I love you!" Aw sweet.

    Well, I made a reservation at cafe des artistes it sounds great! =) Do you by any chance know if they require a suit or anything?