taupe vs. ecru paddy.. which is cuter?

  1. I am trying to decide between the taupe and ecru color for my paddington. both colors are great but I want the one that will match with more colors.

    which one is more of a neutral color that will go with more things? I've only seen pictures of the taupe online and the ecru paddy that I saw at Saks was really cute.
    Does anybody own both and a picture for comparison? Or does anyone have pictures of either of them?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, even if it's your opinion of the description of each color and its tones.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. By ecru you mean a putty color, mastic possibly? I have that color, absolutely love it! Hands down my number one choice for a Summer wardrobe. My taupe is probably different than the one you're looking at (06 series?). I have the 07 taupe/golden olive, since my wardrobe is predominantly earth tones this color is a shoe in for my other seasons.

    So the way I see it :shrugs: you have to buy both???
  3. Ecru is the whiskey.

    I think taupe is more neutral, but whiskey pops out... so it depends on your preference
  4. eruc is prettier IMO.:smile:
  5. I used to own a taupe paddy... and I regret having sold it! It was the perfect everyday bag. It goes with everything, every season.

    That said, ecru is pretty too.:heart:
  6. Wow, that's a tough one, ecru if its the whiskey is a beautiful bag, but I would taupe is more neutral. I saw a taupe in Nordstroms and really regret not purchasing it.
  7. Hehe how about I confuse you and say the nutmeg/muscade colour?

    It's more neutral & less orangey than ecru and is nice & neutral like the taupe....
  8. I adore my Taupe. It honestly is the only paddy that I wont part with. It works all year round, and its a gorgeous colour.
    So taupe gets my vote ;)
  9. I bought the classic Paddy in Argent and really love the color. It's a metallic taupe, but not in-your-face metallic. I'd say it's more of a "pearlized" taupe. I love it because it's such a great neutral but with a little extra pizzazz.
  10. I like Ecru (Whiskey)!!! Is a rich colour, very pretty!
  11. Would love to see pictures of the pearlized taupe. Taupe is on my list and I'd like to be able to see this version.
  12. I don't have any pics right now, but you can see some on NAP


  13. Imo ecru is very pretty!!!
  14. thanks for all the thoughts everyone!
  15. I think you are thinking of "ECRUEIL" (sp?) which IS the whiskey color, not "ecru." :graucho: I saw "ECRU" at Saks, and it's identical to the "mastic" from '06 that I have. I also have the taupe from '06, and I think the ecru is a bit more "neutral." The taupe is a neutral as well, of course, but it's a bit darker and more of a light grayish tan... :p That said, if you already have a "blanc" such as the one from '06, the ecru is only a few shades away from that...so you may not want to duplicate too closely.:shrugs: But, if I had to choose between the taupe and the ecru and didn't have any other bag, I would probably choose the ecru, just to have a "white" Chloe, before I got into the other colors. :wlae: