Taupe vs Brick Red Multipocket

  1. What do you think of Multipocket in Brick Red? It has silver hardware and suede lining. My local Nordstrom has 1 Small on sale, should I go for it? I no longer have Denim Multipockets so there'll be no competition. =) TIA.
    Large is available at Bloomingdale's
  2. Taupe Multipocket is also on sale at Shirise. The color looks nice online, but I'm not sure how it looks in person though -- not good b/c sale is final for Shirise (I think).

    Taupe vs Brick Red Multipocket?
  3. I like the Taupe better, simply because I think it is more versatile. The red is awesome, but it would be a lesser-used bag for me.
  4. Taupe....more neutral
  5. I LOVE red bags so brick red gets my vote! Red bags really give an outfit a pop of color.
  6. the brick red is an awesome fall color and from experience light colored bags pick up dirt and scratches easily
  7. A red bag is a seasonless classic. I vote for red.
  8. Ladies, thanks. Please keep them coming. =)
    I'm not sure how the bag from Shirise looks like in real life (SA said it's Taupe) -- it's final sale so I'm having hestitation. I'm leaning toward getting Red from Nordstrom.
  9. i think you should get the red! a good red bag never goes out of style!
  10. I really love that red color.
  11. Shirise SA said that the color's as depicted on their website, I ordered it! I really hope that I'll like it, otherwise, I will asking my sisters/friends. I have never sold anything on ebay so I don't really have the option to unload bags I don't love. =)

    As for the Brick Red Multipocket at Nordstrom, it's discounted to mid-300 (I think it's 60% off from ~900). I have seen this color in person, but not this particular item -- found it while calling around for black Blake with silver hardware.

    I shouldn't get Multipocket in 2 colors, but the price at Nordies is really tempting me. It's currently on hold under my name, I can post the store number/location if anyone wants it. Please post if you do, I need intervention. =)

    Small Multipocket owner(s): Is the strap long enough to fit comfortably on the shoulder? I only tried on Large Leather Multipocket and Quilted Leather Multipocket with chains (Kate Moss's bag), both straps were long enough. The Denim Quilted Multipocket's chain is quite short, it didn't like it on my shoulder; not sure if denim bags are supposed to take time to break in.
  12. hmmm bag.lover does Nordies perhaps have any other color multis on sale? There are none by me :sad:
  13. Harlem_cutie, I believe the discounted colors include Putty, Butter, Denim, Orange. A lot of stores have sold out of many bags, we just have to call around to hunt them down. =)
  14. Hi bag.lover!! I vote for the red one!! :yes:
  15. Congrats on ordering the taupe! I think you'll have no problems with friends/sisters adopting her if you find that you don't like her:smile:

    May I ask.. how much is it at Shirise with the sale?