Taupe Stam sighting...

  1. :heart: :heart: love this color. wish i can be the lucky one to buy this bag.
  2. it's lovely!
  3. Oh, bag.lover! First I couldn't get a good taupe stam, then I moved on. Then angstofgumby was contemplating selling hers. Then this Ebay item. But seriously, I think I've moved on ... I've been thinking endlessly about a Balenciaga and a Birkin. Still can't decide. Was thinking I should save up some money and then decide because Haley's Couture sent me an e-mail last week offering a 35 cm black togo birkin for $6,900. I couldn't get it even if I wanted to because I don't have my money yet. But if I did, I think I would've jumped at the chance. But thanks for posting the Ebay link! That was very thoughtful of you :amuse: !
  4. Good luck nat_attak. =)
  5. Hi Abaglover,

    It's good to be to stop after having 1 beautiful Stam, there's always room for other bags right? Your Blush Stam is very beautiful, I love it!

    Birkin's very...very expensive!!!!!! Is that combination your choice of size/color/hardware? I would like to have a Raisin Kelly someday, but its hefty pricetag has scared me off for now. =)

    Which color/style of Balenciaga bag are you thinking of? Style-wise, I don't like it as much as Stam, Venetia, Blake, Elise, etc. It's very light and convenient though.

    Have you started using your Tokidoki bags yet? I haven't touched mine yet. =) I remember you mentioning last season's Tokidoki was even cuter? Are they the ones with white background?

  6. Hi bag.lover -- Yes! The Birkin is very, VERY expensive!!! And no, the 35 cm black togo is not my first choice. I'd prefer a 35 cm togo in orange, red or brown. But I'd take a black and still be pretty happy. I know what you mean about the price scaring you off. If I had all that money saved up, would I really blow it all on one bag? What if Haley's Couture sent me another one of those offers? Do I really have too many bags??? Maybe I should buy a laptop instead? Oh, the questions go on and on and on ... :lol:

    As for the Balenciaga, I'm thinking of a lilac/lavendar or blue work and/or city. I really like big bags so I'm focusing on the work.

    Yes, I've already used my Tokidoki buon viaggio. I like the long handles on that bag so I can switch to carrying it on my shoulders when I'm grocery shopping. And yes, the one from the spring collection is the one with the white background. It's less busy, I think, than the summer print. I have two lunas (duffle), one in the original print and one in black with the print lining. I've used them both already, too. You should use your Tokidoki -- it's such a nice summer bag!
  7. Hi AbagLover, I think you should definitely pass this Birkin. Don't settle, it has to be your 1st choice with this price tag. Maybe when it finds you one of these days, you will be all prepared for it.

    I agree with you about spending so much $$ on a bag, I haven't gone that far yet. I haven't seen your bag collection (other than MJ items), is it very big? =)

    Are you looking for a laptop? Dell often have pretty good offers, I often visit money-saving sites like fatwallet.com and slickdeals.net.

    Balenciaga bags in lilac/lavendar or blue seem nice.
    Thanks for the clarification on Tokidoki's Spring Collection. I saw a messenger bag with white background recently -- agree, it's less busy & nicer than the recent ones. I don't like messenger bags for myself, I prefer totes. =)
  8. Hi bag.lover -- I'm sort of looking for a laptop. It's on my want list, but I don't really NEED it. It'd just be nice to have. I was thinking about a Mac. It'd be my first Mac but they're really nice nowadays.

    As for my bag collection -- I think it's huge. If I have time one day, I may post pics but right now, they're all in their individual dust bags/boxes and in different places in my house. As you probably know, I have the MJ patent blush, the stella in black and light taupe, the petal pink venetia, and 4 other Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. I also have the LV black multicolore speedy 30, the monogram speedy 30, the Damier sarria horizontal, the Damier sarria mini, the Damier brera, the Damier nolita, the mandarin Epi alma, and the Manhattan GM. I also have the 3 wapities - monogram, MC black and MC white. Then, I have the tan Chloe paddington, the Kooba Renee whipstitched tote in mocha, the Kooba Farrah in mocha, the Kooba black Claudia, the Banana Republic Bloomsbury cognac tote, the Fendi zucchino medium devil bag, a Luella lilac baby Gisele, 2 Orla Kiely totes, 2 Not Rational sub foil bags, 2 Juicy Couture velvet bowler bags, a Cole Haan village bucket in butter/cognac, 2 Cole Haan village totes, 2 Moni Moni splendor bags, some older Coach bags, and tons of Vera Bradley bags, Lesportsac bags and Gap bags (mostly the ones designed by Emma Hill, a former Marc Jacobs designer). :shame:

    I switch bags every 1 to 3 days. But when I got my blush patent stam and my tan Chloe paddington, I carried them each for a week :love: . Most of bags look and smell brand-spanking new because I'm extremely careful with them.

    Three years ago, I decided to keep a spreadsheet of all my bags, listing designer, color, style, price, tax, shipping, etc. I also got a really nice leather journal and everytime I buy a bag, I would print out the picture from the website (since I usually buy it on-line) and any other interesting story behind the bag (like the Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. bags and the Tokidoki bags) and tape them in the journal, and I would jot down a little note about each bag. It's sort of like my personal bag catalogue. When I'm bored, I sometimes just take the journal out and flip through the pictures :love: .

    I am seriously, seriously addicted!!! :shame:
  9. Hi Abaglover,

    WOW! You do have a lot of bags! WOWWWWW!!!! Very impressed!!! Would love to see some pictures when you have a chance to take them. =) I like the variety in your collection, I'm not particularly loyal to any brand too -- all depends on style/etc. How long have you been collecting bags?

    I donated my bags/shoes/clothing to various organizations so I don't have a lot of bags to rotate at the moment. I take really good care of my bags as well, my sister thinks I'm a 'bit much'. =) Which bags do you use the most often now? Do you have some personal favorites?

    Which ones did Emma Hill design? You can tell I'm still new & trying to learn more MJ-bag related stuffs. =)
    I'm not familar with Orla Kiely, Vera Bradley seems to ring a bell; I have to do some 'google' soon..

    Ahhhh, your personal bag catalogue sounds wonderful!!!
    I was about to ask you if you have ever considered selling the ones you don't wear as much on ebay, but it seems like you might want to keep all of them for their history? Am I wrong? =)

    It's okay to be seriously addicted, we understand. =)
  10. Hi bag.lover -- I started seriously collecting designer bags about 3 years ago. I usually don't sell my bags, except for two Dooney & Bourke It barrel bags that I bought on a whim. They were much too small for me and I got tired of them so I sold them on ebay. And I usually don't return bags either, except for the MJ taupe stam fiasco from Saks and a defective MJ red guinevere tote I got from eLuxury. I love :love: all my bags and keep them like they're part of my family :biggrin: . My favorites are probably all my designer bags.

    Okay, I decided to get off my bum and take some pictures. I didn't take pictures of all my bags but just the ones you're probably interested in. And I only took pictures of some of my Gap bags that I believe Emma Hill designed back in 2004. I'm not sure what happened to her. I'll have to google her later if I have time ...

    Bags shown are in order of left row to right row, from front to back:

    1) LV Damier Brera
    LV Damier Nolita
    LV Damier Sarria Mini
    LV Damier Sarria Horizontal

    2) LV Monogram Speedy 30
    LV Epi Mandarin Alma
    LV Monogram Manhattan GM
    LV wapities - monogram
    - multicolore black
    - multicolore white
    LV Multicolore Black Speedy 30

    3) Kooba Renee whipstitched tote in mocha
    Kooba black Claudia
    Kooba Farrah in mocha

    4) Chloe tan Paddington satchel
    Marc Jacobs Venetia in petal pink
    Marc Jacobs Stam in patent blush
    Marc Jacobs Stella in light taupe
    Marc Jacobs Stella in black

    5) Gap velvet hobo in pink
    Gap velvet hobo in smoke
    Gap trench duffle in pink
    Gap trench duffle in green
    Gap velvet satchel in maroon floral
    Gap velvet satchel in pink
    Gap velvet satchel in smoke

    6) Orla Kiely grey stem tote
    Orla Kiely red-multi shoulder tote
    Picture 001a.jpg Picture 003a.jpg Picture 004a.jpg Picture 005a.jpg Picture 006a.jpg Picture 007a.jpg
  11. Abaglover,
    Does light taupe=putty? Very nice collection!
  12. Hi Tami! Thanks :amuse: ! Light taupe is more of a cream. I think putty is more light grayish.
  13. Abaglover,

    Thank you soooo much for taking the pictures & sharing them. =) I love...love...love your collection.

    Your MJ bags are TDF! I am totally drooling over Petal Pink Venetia (beautifullllll shade of pink), Blush Stam & Stella. I love the colors! I really wish MJ would make more bags in lighter colors.

    Really didn't know that Gap had so many nice bags from Emma Hill (I have to google her now). The colors are sooo pretty -- pink and purple are two of my favorite colors. Adding velvet to those colors, they are so dreamy. I WANT them!!!! =) I wished I knew about these bags then. Are they pretty recent?

    I was about to ask you recently whether you plan on getting Damiar Speedy. =) You have different patterns in your big LV collection, very nice! =)

    Orla Kiely totes are cute. Where are they sold at?

    Drooling while typing.....Love.....love your bags. =)
  14. Thanks, bag.lover!! The velvet Gap bags are from 2004. Sometimes I see them on ebay and I couldn't find any today =( . The floral lining inside these bags is also quite nice.

    You can find Orla Kiely bags at www.flight001.com. They're based in San Francisco but they only carry a few of the styles. I've ordered from them two times and they shipped my bags really fast. You can see all the styles and buy the bags at www.orlakiely.com. They're based in the UK and they're having a 20% off sale on all leather goods and accessories through June. You can also find Orla Kiely bags on ebay.

    I haven't ordered the Damier Speedy 30 yet. I haven't been very aggressive about it. I check eLuxury at least once a day and I've seen the Damier Speedy 25 a few times but that's too small for me. I'm still thinking about those Balenciagas ...