Taupe Stam Pre-order from Saks

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  1. Hi ladies. I was wondering what your thoughts are ... I pre-ordered a taupe stam w/ suede lining from Saks.com this morning. The "expected ship date is no later than 5-12-06". But isn't the taupe stam w/ suede lining from fall-05? If so, why would this be a pre-order? A return couldn't be a pre-order, could it? You think maybe someone found a box of taupe stams in some dark corner and decided to put it up for sale? Or maybe Saks is expecting a return before May 12? I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping it's a new stam with the new kisslock and that the suede lining wasn't a misprint.
  2. The Taupe color is a new color for spring for the Stam Bag.
    It's kind of a very light beige and cream color.
    I got one from Neiman 2 months ago. They had about 4 of those , and they were gone in a couple of hours. So, if Saks can get it for you, I say go for it!!! I get lots of compliments with it!!!
    Good luck & enjoy it when you get it!!!
  3. Thanks, ching31! Does your taupe stam have the suede lining? If so, what color is the suede? Does it have the new kisslock?
  4. Taupe was not a spring 2006 bag. It was a fall 2005 bag.

    ching, perhaps you are thinking of the Putty? I would not classify Taupe as being a "light beige and cream color" by any stretch. The 2005 Taupe is much darker than that.

    The Taupe stams all had the old kisslocks.
  5. Thanks, angstofgumby! That's what I had remembered, too, but wasn't 100% sure. And as I remember, the fall 2005 taupe stam had the burgundy suede lining, right? Boy, I really hope I'm not getting some horribly used return with a defective kisslock ...
  6. You're welcome.

    Yes, the 2005 taupe stams have burgundy suede linings.
  7. Thanks again, angstofgumby! I have always wanted a stam with the suede lining and that was why I jumped on this one. Now I just hope this one isn't defective in any way.
  8. My stam bag has the blue suede lining.
    Putty might be the color. Not sure.
    But my Neiman sales person said the color is Taupe- I did think that Taupe was the darker old color also. I really like the Bronze that came out last year.

    It has the kisslock.
  9. Ching, yes, you have Putty so your sales person must have just called it by the wrong name. The Bronze just came out for 06.. it's kind of a mid-season thing.

    I've heard other people say they "pre-ordered" the Taupe and I've been so confused. Are you talking about the baby Stam or regular?
  10. Hi Daisy,

    it's the regular size.
  11. I have the same bag-it's putty. shiny hardware and shiny kisslock right?
  12. I'm sorry, I meant to ask abaglover if the bag she pre-ordered was regular or Baby.
  13. Hi Daisy! I pre-ordered the "taupe". And the color in the picture is definitely the fall 2005 taupe and not the putty. After reading the above replies, I'm wondering if maybe saks.com had the wrong description and the wrong picture up. Perhaps they really meant the putty instead since it's a pre-order. I guess I'll find out when it gets here. I'm a little anxious now wondering what I'm going to get :sad: .
  14. Abaglover, what size was it?
  15. Oops :shame: ! Sorry, Daisy ... never answered your question! It's the large stam. Price was $1,200.