Taupe Stam on BG right now...

  1. I really like the taupe one and have been wanting one for a while. But what if it is a return and the customer returned a superfake? I'm just so skeptical now to purchase online ... I guess I'll just wait to see one IRL to buy. There are no stams in Canada(that I'm aware of) so I'll just wait till we go to the US in the summer.
  2. Eh, I'm not that paranoid yet! Ebay, yes; legit department store, no. You could just return it anyway. It has to be a return but it's rare for them to pop up this late in the game!
  3. Gone already!
  4. I wonder where all these taupe Stams were when I would have sold my soul for one 6 months ago!
  5. LOL Edna. Did you ever get one or did you move on?
  6. ^^ Nope! :+( Never got one and I just moved on to Fendi Spys instead!