Taupe Spy or Brown Pleated??

  1. O.K so i was looking on Jomashop and they are such great prices ATM!! Which one do you think i should get....The brown pleated or the Taupe Spy?

    Also does anyone know where i can view a photo of the brown pleated as the photo on Jomashop.com is the wrong photo!?

    Here is the link to the brown pleated.

  2. Fendifan,
    the link your have provided appears to be the normal Cognac? Personally, I'd probably go with Brown because it matches more of my clothes :biggrin:

    Good luck!
  3. FF - I think the description is wrong and that it is actually a Cognac Spy. The code they give is identical to the code on my Cognac.;)
  4. This has been my assumption, too, since the pleated spys retail for more than the regular, and the original retail price they list is the price of the regular spy.