Taupe paddy on ebay!

  1. yup, that would be me! I hope it will find a good home so I can get a black paddy! :graucho:
  2. Roo, great auction! Good luck with it!! You have a great opening bid and great photos!! Let me know how you do.
  3. oh Roo, very best of luck. I am in the UK, otherwise I would have snapped it up from you :smile: I love the Taupe, sigh, its gorgeous :
  4. That is a gorgeous Taupe Paddy. Great price, too. Good luck!
  5. Thanks all! If you are outside the USA, and on this forum, I am willing to talk to you as long as you have a paypal account. I just don't want the auction open to other bidders from abroad because of fraud. Contact me thru ebay if you'd like, the main thing is that I want it to go to a good home where it will be USED. (I hope this is allowed??)

    ed: per swankymama's reminder
  6. Dooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt.
  7. Roo I love the other bag you have listed as well....I may have to bid on that;)
  8. Please go ahead and use "Contact Seller" on the auction instread of PMing here.
    Vlad and Megs have made it very clear there's to be no talks of selling or buying even through PMs here.
  9. Gotcha. Sorry!!!
  10. Roo, is the taupe the one your mom bought you? It is gorgeous! And at the opening bid for a new bag is fantastic!
  11. Yes it is! She understands though- would rather I have a bag that will withstand the rain and dirt here- so I am looking for a black!
  12. Black shouldn't be that hard. I don't remember which store it was (I have called so many NM and Saks these past two weeks) but I think it was Lisa from the Troy Saks who told me she had a black paddington....or it might have been UTC. One of those had the black. You might want to try calling Kirna Zebete again. When I called on Sunday they described a mousse and black paddington.
  13. It might have been UTC, because Lisa mentioned NM only bought the mousse and jaune for the entire company this past season - no other colors. Not sure if that is true - my Boston NM had nothing earlier this month and still has nothing in the Paddington. Nordstrom gets a big selection of chocolate and black.