Taupe On the Road bags?!

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  1. Can I find them anywhere?

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  2. The color in real life is metallic grey... I have the tote / shopping bag! Really love it and its functions.
  3. what stores carried this color last year? any department stores? I wonder if it is possible for these stores to still have some and can order it for me?
  4. IIRC Saks ordered this color-- don't remember if it was this exact style though...
  5. I have this bag, I got it from Hirshleifers last year
  6. Anyone know if On the Road totes are coming back for Cruise?
  7. There are 3 styles of the OTR? Hobo, flap Hobo and tote??? Can someone confirm??
    The one in the picture is the flap hobo...on deluxemal there is a regular top zip hobo for sale I just saw. The tote - I cant seem to find?
  8. I got mine in summer of 2009. The best Chanel Bag for work. I got it in Dark Purple. Will post the picture shortly. Hope you'll find yours too.
  9. Oh wow - thanks for that. Now that is a nice bag. The GST doesn't suit me (I bag borrowed stole it for a week to try - too boxy as an everyday for me :sad: - but the bronze GST did get me a little..hmmmm...)

    This might work though. I like the leather of the OTR series because it doesn't have to be 'babied'. Its like a Chanel bag that you can actually carry everyday without having to worry about someone breathing too close to you :lol:
  10. I'm also looking for a GRAY LARGE On the Road Tote. Please post here if you've spotted any :smile:

  11. I am looking for the exact same bag too!
  12. Oh god forbid this comes up for auction we are going to be out for BLOOD i tell you :P:lol:
  13. Lol....