Taupe Fendi Be Shoulder Bag - Yay or Nay?

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  1. On the pro side (for me), this is a very elegant and luxurious-looking bag that I could see myself carrying for years. I don't think the picture does the cool taupe and silver hardware combo justice--I think it is stunning. I also like the shoulder bag/crossbody options, as well as the woven chain strap. I do think the $2950 retail price is too high, but I bought mine for about half that. I love the size (a bit bigger than the little baguette) and need a bag this size and in this color family for the spring and summer months. And before someone suggests it, I wouldn't rather have a Chanel flap--I just don't have any interest now--maybe some day.

    The only thing that worries me is that my summer shoes are mostly a lighter and warmer shade of camel/nude, including my beloved YSL Tributes. I also wear gold jewelry about half the time. My summer wardrobe is a lot of whites and blues. Do I sound crazy? I do love silver jewelry and my wardrobe is a lot of cool tones. Should I keep the bag? And of so, do I need new shoes?!?! Or do I need a warmer camel/nude bag instead of this beauty?!?!

    OMG! TIA!


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  2. I wouldn't worry about being matchy-matchy (not that I am a fashion icon). I think think things look better if they don't match exactly. Just enjoy the bag!
  3. I agree on not being matchy-matchy. Taupe is a color that goes perfect with a large shade of colors, sometimes all you have to do is try new combinations and see how well colors get on with each other. It's a gorgeous bag!!! Enjoy it!!! :smile:
  4. Cool!:cool::graucho:
  5. Taupe is a perfect neutral!
  6. That Fendi bag is simply gorgeous!
  7. YAY! This is a very lovely bag with a beautiful cool toned combo, I agree with the other posters here it doesn't have to be matchy-matchy, enjoy!
  8. OMG... the bag is gorgeous, I love the hardware!
  9. I love this bag! And like the others have said no need to worry about matching especially with taupe. It goes with so much even different shades of neutral colors.
  10. Yay!