Taupe City

  1. ^ lovely, the taupe color has really grown on me. When it first came out I wasn't into it, but now I'm drooling....
  2. i saw a taupe work IRL a couple of weeks ago, the color is really cool!! i love it!!!!
  3. Holy moly! How many ID's does she have?
  4. I am really really tired of being constantly attacked in this forum. I know for a fact of a lot of people here buying something and then reselling it. Doesn't a person have a right to change their mind?
  5. If you are *bid*2*win*, then I would say the problem stems more from being a non-paying bidder or possibly buying and selling under multiple id's than from being someone who changes their mind.
  6. I definitely wasn't "attacking" anyone here. However, I did bid and lose that auction so I was "sad" but I've got a lovely little collection.

    Sorry to hear you didn't like the bag.
  7. changing your mind and passing on a good deal can be one and the same! :flowers: as a frequent eBay buyer, I know it really pisses me off to see someone buy a bag and them immediately relist at a much inflated price. Also, buying and selling under multiple IDs is shady and won't net you many PFer sales.

    just my .02!
  8. how is $799 an inflated price? when I am done with the fees its what I paid for the bag. and as far as the multiple id's - I don't have a selling account, so I ask my friends to sell stuff for me...

    I've seen a few things said about me that don't seem particularly fair that's all
  9. :shrugs: good luck with your sale user19!
  10. Huh? A selling account??? An ebay account is an ebay account...you don't need a different account for selling. And if you don't pay for auctions because you've found something else to buy...don't expect people to like it. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I thought your selling acct was stepinstyle7?:shrugs:
  12. I had a girlfriend who had a bad experience with a different seller a while back who she found out after the BIN that the seller had many ebay userids. Luckily she found out before paying and worked with Ebay on the situation. She got out of the transaction unscathed. Found out the seller would have taken the money and ran when she saw their feedback under some of their other ids. Ebay is getting so scary these days.
  13. eBay is scary. scammers abound, but we've got yo' back.