Taupe city vs greige?

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  1. Well, the leather on S/S 05 is TDF, so I think this is a good buy if you want something neutral with the experience of S/S 05 leather! I recently bough a 05 Bordeaux Mini Twiggy from her. Very nice seller!
  2. Very tempting.... do you think it is authentic? Did she take an offer?
  3. If you love the greige, then stick to it! It will come around eventually. Don't settle for anything else.
  4. I think its a beauty! Unfortunately, no more Bbags for me until I sell the Paddy I have up on eBay. Bought it and used it for less than 3 weeks, but it was so heavy it hurt my arm. Unfortunately, it just ran its first auction with many lookers, but no bidders.:crybaby:
  5. Substitute, shmubstitute. There are no substitutes in Balenciaga! If you really want a Greige City (and I know you do because I read your bag woes!), then wait for her. She will come!

    Now that's not saying you can't have a Taupe, too, while you're waiting for Ms. Greige City...
  6. Thanks highgloss, exactly what I needed to hear. Let's see if Ms. Taupe is still here in the morning...
  7. I'm with you on this one! One will pop up soon enough...
  8. If you can get both then DO!!! If you ever feel like selling it you'll definitely get a return on your investment!!!