Taupe and hardware.....

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  1. For those of you who have a chloe in taupe -- would you say the hardware stands out or does it "blend in" with the bag. For example, the yellow pocket I returned, the hardware blended in w/it.

    I just ordered the large pocket in taupe and this is my only concern. I want a bag w/pop!

    I just adore the taupe color a lot!!

    TIA !!
  2. Mammab, I don't have the taupe, but on the blanc pocket (it arrived today!!!) the hardware is more copper-colored than the matte gold. It's a bit different. Daisy has some nice photos of her taupe zippy if you want to check them out under the "Taupe Zippy Arrived..." thread. They may be posted on the "Documenting Chloe Colours" thread, too.

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  3. Hey mammab...I tried the large taupe pocket on at Chloe SCP on my last visit, but can't recall hardware specifics...sorry...
  4. Thanks! I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait for it to arrive!
  5. It's SO hard to be patient! Please post pics of it for us when it arrives! I would love to see the big pocket in another color! :nuts:
  6. Thought of you today mammab....received a call from NM Boston...SA wanted to let me know they received the medium jaune/yellow pocket... Cannot see/hear yellow now without thinking "mustard"...

    They also had the big pocket (SA said the "large" version of the professor) in taupe.
  7. Mammab - I thought of both you and SoCal recently. Was looking at both the Jaune Pocket and the large Whiskey Zippy on the same shelf and thought that "mustard" would go nicely on SoCal's "hot dog".:amuse:
  8. Major chuckle on that reference! Oh my...I am not sure why anyone would group those two colors together on the shelf...