Taupe 05

  1. Can somebody post a photo of a taupe 05 bbag for me :yes:
    I would really like to see the colour of this bag.
  2. wow Winona your friend got a steal! a work for 995!:yes: :graucho:
  3. In March things were a bit cheaper...we've cause commotion in the B-Bag world, us Pf'ers.
  4. Taupe looks more like what I though truffle was going to look like. I like taupe better!
  5. uh-oh :shame:
  6. oh I love the taupe. do you think the truffle looks remotely like the taupe.
  7. no, cocochick, i think the truffle's much darker & browner :yes:
  8. The truffle is definitely much darker with more brown. Barney's in Chestnut Hill has a couple, one work and a first.
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