taupe 05 Day or Sandstone Twiggy


Taupe 05 Day vs Sandstone Twiggy

  1. Keep the Taupe 05 Day

  2. Buy the Sandstone Twiggy and sell the Day

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  1. I can't stop thinking about the Sandstone Twiggy.
    In order to buy it I would have to sell my 05 Taupe Day.
    The Day has the fluffiest, softest leather, but on the other hand, the sandstone is getting rave reviews for its leather. I don't have a Twiggy style, and would love to try it out.
    What do you all think?
  2. If i really like the sandstone twiggy more than the day, i will sell it to buy the sandstone twiggy. Also, i prefer the style twiggy than day.....:smile:
  3. welp, i've got an '05 taupe first & an '07 sandstone flat messenger & the leather on both is out of this world :drool:...the colors & the leathers are very similar, so i'd go with the style you love more & let that be the deciding factor :tender:
  4. Ditto :choochoo: bama girl, just perfect.:supacool:
  5. Ditto on what bama and Nanaz have said...
  6. ^ Since you don't have a Twiggy, can you go to a shop that carries Balenciaga bags to try one on and see how your stuff fits in it.

    The shapes are so different. Twiggy bags look best carried on the arm or hand-held whereas the Day is such a practical shoulder bag.

    It would be heartbreaking to sell your Taupe Day and then discover that the Twiggy style doesn't work as well for you, even though it's a gorgeous style.
  7. Totally agree, it would be awful to sell before you know if you even like the twiggy style. They are very different so would be best to try one out first!
  8. Darling, I voted for the twiggy. I love this color, but if you LOVE your day don't sell.
  9. 05 taupe 016.jpg

    05 taupe 021.jpg

    yes, it is the most difficult color to photograph

    Thanks for your suggestions everyone, it's a tough choice. I have tried the Twiggy in the store and I like it. I love the day, but I also have another, and it is that crazy bbag thing that makes me want to keep trying every color and style. Decisions, decisions....
  10. Well...variety is the spice of life. So, I change my vote to Sandstone Twiggy.
  11. add another ditto!
  12. oh wow, is that your day? the color looks almost identical to sandstone to me.

    i think it would depend more on style rather than color judging by that pic...
  13. Yup! :yes: And ya better be sure you adore Sandstone because, well, '05 leather ROCKS!!!!
  14. I say, out with the old, in with the new! ;)
  15. Personally I think I like the color of the sandstone better than the taupe. The taupe is a little more grey and hence just slightly more drab. Not that its a bad color, I just like sandstone better.