Tattos have any???

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  1. Just thought it would be fun to ask do you have any tattos? What are they of,how many, and where on you?:love:
  2. There was a thread similar to this....quite a few people on the forum have very interesting tattoos.
  3. Im new here so I didn't know this was already a topic but would love to here all about the intresting tattos
  4. yep...i have 3. 2 butterflies and a 'K'.
  5. yup, only one though, got it when i was under age...17, its on my back its a little flower, i havent seen it recently, but im sure its still there!
  6. I have only one between my wrist and forearm, it's my asian horoscope sign and it's filled in with red ink ( my husband almosted wanted to divorce me, he hates tattoos). I got it at an age where I was finally happy with myself. I'm thinking of getting my son's horoscope next to it....my husband has since updated his views on tattoos.
  7. a pretty little vine of pink flowers just above my right ankle, and a new pair of 36D's for my 30th. (6 years ago) YIKES!!
  8. no tatoos over here.. the bf doesn't want me to have one.
  9. I really would like one! I keep debating it...
  10. i might be getting my 4th this weekend!
  11. i don't have any tatoos, but i would like to have a little one some day.... i like them, but i'm not crazy about them.
  12. I can't imagine carrying the same purse for the rest of my life, let alone a tatoo--so none for me :P
  13. When I turned 21 I was working as a live-in nanny for a wealthy/semi famous couple just outside of NYC (I had taken a year off from college to save $$$). Anyhoo, I had some wild nanny friends (from the midwest and Swedan) who talked me into getting a tattoo. Does anyone remember the movie "Poisen Ivy" with Drew Barrymore? That was my inspiration. She had a celtic cross tattood on her upper right thigh. Of course I could not afford a celtic cross, so I had two chinese symbols, representing " beautiful" and "excellent" done.

    Now that I am 33 hanging out with my two young children at the beach or pool, I want to kick myself. If I could fit tattoo removal surgery into the budget, I think I would.

    I am not against tattoos at all. I just wish I picked a more discreet place to have it done.
  14. I have one on my lower back of a blue and black nautical star, with two smaller blue stars on either side of it.

    I am planning on getting another one this weekend, of a stargazer lily on my upper left arm. Hopefully I'll be able to have it done Friday or Saturday, but I have to have the artist draw a couple of different versions out for me first, so I can decide exactly how I want it to look.
  15. My eyebrows and eyeliner is tattoed although the botton eyeliner has been slowly wearing off.