Tattoo's On Bags

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  1. Hi,

    After seeing a pic of some lady with a tattoed bag and reading a lovely pf'ers fleabay listing, i was wondering if anyone had pictures of a tattoed bbag? I can't find the one i saw yesterday but i reember it was mentioned she "might" be the person who tattoed meaning there are pictures out there of people who did.

    i would love to see them i think its such a unique concept.

    if you have pictures or have done it yourself let me see them!

    (MODS: sorry if this is already a thread i searched but couldn't find any!)
  2. bumpies.....

    i REALLY want to see this!
  3. I think this is a really cool idea, somewhere discreet on the bag or a small design on the centerpiece/pocket area would be lovely!
  4. very very curious, bump!
  5. yeah same! there was a picture posted in one of the threads yesterday but i can't find it anywhere! you could only see a little bit of it though
  6. this would be cool to see yes but i'd never be brave enough to do it to a bag i own. =/
  7. Was it the one that was like a pistachio city or something with like drawings on it? Or is it an actual drawing?
  8. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats it do you have the pic i've been looking EVERYWHERE!
  9. i was totally thinking this the other day! i'll do some work on photoshop and post photos later.
  10. no i dont =[ Someone has the bag as their icon though.. the girl in the pic had a mask but I think they say its one of the hoe-lsen twins.
  11. oooh i want to see this too????
  12. I remember that! I thought it was a drawing as well. I agree that it'd definitely look interesting!
  13. i wanna see!!!