Tattoos give Chinese man death sentence!

  1. OMG.. I can't belive this.

    China passes death sentence for tattoo abuse

    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A Chinese man has been sentenced to death for scratching insults across the bodies of three women with a needle dipped in ink, the Shanghai Daily reported on Friday.

    But the court gave 44-year old Zhou Jingzhi, from northeastern Jilin, a two-year reprieve, meaning his sentence could be commuted to life imprisonment for good behaviour after two years in jail, the report said.

    In April 2004, Zhou met a woman identified as Li who after they had lived together for a year and a half wanted to leave him.

    "Zhou illegally detained her at his residence for three months, and dipped a sewing needle in ink and carved across her body more than 100 Chinese character, describing her as a prostitute," the report said.
    After Li's family rescued her, Zhou's ex-wife and another ex-girlfriend came forward to say that he had abused them the same way.
  2. What a maniac!!!! I feel sorry for the women. A kid I know got a tattoo and when his parents tried to have it lasered off, it was both expensive and painful Poor women!! (a little like the Scarlet Letter).
  3. That is so sick. At first I thought this thread would be about someone being UNJUSTLY executed just for having tatoos....but this is worse! He sounds like a sadistic psycho!

  4. I thought the same!!! Wow did that story take a turn! That is HORRIBLE. Those poor women. :sad:
  5. Death is to easy for him. They should Tattoo his penis over and over again until it falls off...then move to the testicles....then kill him!

    What an a hole!!
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  7. I was thinking about this, on the verge of tears, and then I read this post:graucho: . Is this like don't get sad, get even? yes, I think this is better than a death sentance!:yes: kill him? Nah, let him live like that.
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    i think it could be enough for him...
    poor women:oh: :sad:
  9. Wow!! That's horrible! They should let these women stick neddles in his balls!!
  10. Ugh, I agree !
  11. That's crazy!
  12. I can't believe how crazy this guy is.
  13. I remember reading about that yesterday, what he did was seriously sick! I agree that death would be too easy for him after what he did to those poor women.
  14. they should put a tatto on his butt that says "insert ***** here" then send him off to jail naked :smile:
  15. Wow, those poor women! I hope they have the money to get those removed, if its expensive, maybe not? I wonder if any women's groups are taking care of them.

    What a maniac, I'm against the death penalty, but I'd like to see him tattoed with insults and thrown in jail for life, but working and giving the money he earned to those poor women!

    Oh and as an aside this reminded me of the Kafka short story the Penal Colony where the crime was written on the inmate until he died. I :heart: Kafka, but haven't read that story in years.