tattooing SO's name?!

  1. Do you think this is ever a good idea? Has anyone done this?

    A friend of mine was in a rocky relationship (they would bounce back and forth between madly in love and about to break up) and on their 1 year anniversary they decided to get tattoos with eachothers names on their ring fingers. (She had his name tattooed on her finger, he had hers tattooed on his). They just broke up 2 days ago (a few months later) and *now* she's finally realizing this might not have been the best idea.

    Her options are either:
    - meet another guy with the same name (ha)
    - tattoo over it into something else (difficult, because it's a pretty obvious tattoo in a visible location)
    - laser removal (espensive and painful)
    - learn to get used to having her ex's name on her hand

    I tried to tell her it was a bad idea before she did it... but... hopefully someone here can learn from this?

    :s :shrugs: :sad:
  2. HELL NO!

    It is NEVER a good idea to tattoo your significant other on your body. I don't care HOW much you think you're in love with them, NEVER do it!
  3. It seems like getting a name tattoo'd is like putting a curse on the relationship from what I've noticed.

    (edit: not that I have had anyones names tattoo'd on me)
  4. If you are absolutely sure that this person is absolutely and immutably the love of your life, AND you are absolutely certain that quite separately from that, you are absolutely sure that you want to commit to a tatoo of any kind, AND, quite separately from both those two things, you are absolutely and unreservedly and eternally certain that the tatoo you want, and will want every minute of every day with every outfit, including 50 years from now, as well as 80 years from now, is that person's name, then go for it.
  5. never a good idea, EVER. i dont care how long into the relationship someone is, a tattoo of a "SO" other name will lead to diaster if things end.

    also why would you want someone else's name on your body?? :s
  6. And how would you explain to your next boyfriend the name Abraham tattooed on your inner thigh (for example)?

    If you want to do a couple tattoo do something like a heart and a key. Then if you ever break up, you're each left with a little something you could keep or cover up with something else.
  7. When I worked at a small clinic in central Wisconsin, I met the most amazing nurse, Juanita, and she told me to never, ever put a man's name on my body. She had several tattoos, and showed me the ones that had to be covered up (two names of her ex) with a different tattoo.
  8. When I was waiting for my tattoo appointment there was a couple talking to an artist about what they wanted. The girlfriend was really pushing for them to get each other's names tattooed.

    He seemed very reluctant, and when they left, my tattoo artist, their tattoo artist and I were like, "Dude, that's a HORRIBLE idea!"
  9. Never a good idea. I like the idea better of getting matching tattoo's! So if you even meet someone else they wouldn't know any better! LOL Dh and I have thought about getting matching celtic crosses. Simple and something we can both live with!
  10. I don't have any tattoos but if I ever got one it would have some stylized version of my children's initials. I told DH he's lucky that he and my son have the same initial. ;)
  11. Bad idea... it's like a curse...
  12. My boyfriend does tattoos and he won't tattoo boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wifes names for anybody. He tries to talk them into something else. He says it's like a curse. :devil:

    Edited to add: I swear I did not mean to copy you Irissy. ;) :angel:
  13. I wouldn't...but I have been trying to get my husband to tatoo my name over his heart. I keep telling him that it is the most romantic thing he could ever do. LOL!
  14. tatoos in general are a bad idea. jmho.
  15. Um: I was looking through a magazine, and if you tilted it the right way, you can totally see the scar where she had Billy Bob lasered off.