Tattooed Fish: Cruel or Cool ?

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    What do you think ?
  2. ugh - :cursing: - sorry, I saw this last night on keith oberman, and my reaction is still the same - WT* - and CRUEL!!!
  3. Cruel!!! Poor Fishies!
  4. Cruel!!!
  5. I just think that's really awful. Poor things.
  6. uhm WTH? That's rediculous! *shakes head*
  7. Goodness!!! WT*?!?!?! that's just crazy!! :'(
  8. But.... whyyy?? :wtf:
  9. Cruel...poor fish.
  10. Poor things... :sad:
  11. Simply horrible. Call PETA, NOW!
  12. That's horrible, and it looks ridiculous (like a two-year-old colored the fish, or something).
  13. Very, very cruel.
  14. WTH?? I dont get the point in it. But then again I dont get the point in feeding rabbits and mice to snakes either...I think they are both equally cruel. And I am also wondering how exactly they tattoo them?
  15. Disgusting!!!