Tattoo removal?

  1. Hello ladies,
    I was wondering if any of you regretted that tatto you got at a young age,and got it removed ?If so which method you used and was it painful?

    Im trying to start at the very bottom[such as peels?] and work myself up to lasering ,lasering is the last thing I would like to consider.Since its soo pricey.

    So ladies please give me some guide on this.:sad:
  2. I had a black panther tattoo on my thigh that I had done when I was around twenty. By the time I was thirty, I had it removed. However, this was over 10 years ago and laser has really changed. When mine was removed it hurt alot, because the Dr. basically burned the skin to remove it. I still have a huge scar although it has turned white.

    I have one more I would like to get removed, but since it is hidden, I probably will just live with it.
  3. I had a tattoo and am having it removed by laser. Depending on where you live, will depend on the price per session. It cost me about $350/hr to get it removed and I ended up doing 9 sessions so far. I have 2-3 more sessions to go. You have to wait 8 weeks between treatments so your skin can heal. I would just go whenever I thought I could deal with the pain. It is way more painful than getting a tatoo put on. The pain was less severe each time I went back though. I have never heard of the peels. >br>
    With all that being said, I would never get another tatoo again. Not worth it.
  4. Hii..i did the stupid mistake of getting my boyfriends name at the time on my lower back when i was 20 and got it removed about 2 yrs later. It was only about 3 inches long and in light it only took about 3 lasor sessions and each one cost me about $150 ( i live in NJ). It hurt..but sort of like a sharp rubber band was quick and only was mildly sore after, like a mild sunburn for a couple hours. I waited about a month in between sessions and my doctor was really really nice. He gave me a cream to numb the area before I would go in (usually applied it about an hour or 2 before i went) and he would also ice the area for about 5 minutes before he started. In the end, the tattoo is gone and i have no scar whatsoever! hope this post helped!
  5. bump bump...any more experiences/pictures?

    I have one on my wrist of small lettering, that the first artist assured me he could do in light grey, well the ink sorta bled, then he did it over, and it looked uneven, so THEN someone went over in black. While its not awful, its not what I had anticipated, its a little to sloppy and would really like it neat and precise.

    If i have it removed, can I tattoo over that area again?
  6. I'm interested as well but haven't done a ton of research...I have a small regretful tattoo on my outer ankle I want removed..its nothing crazy..just flowers,etc..but I'm over it.
    It seems that most laser treatments are pretty expensive.
  7. I have always wondered if the wrecking balm acutally works. I kinda wish i wouldnt have gotten my tattoo on my wrist, its a fairy, but it was a impulse thing lol
  8. I heard that wrecking balm doesnt work, and although the laser treatments are expensive, I would just rather do it and be over with it. If it costs like 150-200 once a month, i think i could handle it.
  9. ^I heard the same about wrecking balm.
    I think I'm with ya...just go for the one that will work the best.
  10. I have one on my waist, I'm scared to remove it, it's painful, and I'll get a scar... I regret but dare not to remove it.
  11. I had a 3 inch dragon and a 2 inch butterfly removed. You can barely tell they were there. There's just a faint scar where the dragon was.
    It hurts, hell yeah, but so worth it if you just want it gone. I think I have spend a few $K getting both removed. It took about 3 years to remove the dragon since I had to save up the money. A cheaper route would be to have a few laser sessions and get it covered up with something else.
  12. beachy10 - how many sessions did it take to notice significant fading? Did it fade evenly, or splotchy? how bad was the aftercare? was there a big blister?

    thanks for your insight.
  13. I think after 5 sessions I really noticed good fading. One tattoo required less treatments because I had a better laser nurse. She would always do a test spot to make sure she wasn't using too much power and cause my skin to bleed. As the tattoo fades the pain becomes less.

    Initially some parts faded more quickly than others. I had black/grey tattoos which I heard fades easier than some other colors. I had to keep it moisturized for a few days afterwards but never had any blisters. The area was red (like a sunburn) and a little tender but nothing major. Usually that would go away within a few days.

  14. I tattooed my first name and two hearts on my hand and forearm when I was 13. Got them removed a few months later (boy was my dad mad!) and I have no ink nor scars on my hand, however I have a light coloured heart shaped scar on my arm. Only one person has ever said anything to me about it though and that was when I was really tan and it was super obvious. I only needed 3 sessions, however these were homemade black ink tattoos that did not have a lot of ink. A professional tattoo with a lot of ink and colours to break up may take a lot more sessions. I remember the laser hurt much more than the tattoo did! It cost me (actually, it cost my parents) 500 bucks per session. I never got anther tattoo until I was 27! Good luck.
  15. I have a small one on my left shoulder that I would liked removed eventually. I got it when I was 24 and never regretted up until now( I turned 40 this year). I don't hate it but if I could snap my fingers and make it go away I would. Now that I am older my skin is *very* slow to heal so I am afraid it would leave a noticeable scar. Even little scratches I get now never really fade.