Tattoo Coverup

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  1. I am getting one of my tattoo's covered up. Does anyone have experience with this? Will the one I am getting covered up still be able to be lightly seen? If so then there is no point. I am thinking about getting this tattoo covered up with like some pretty hibiscus flowers or other types, I'm basically open to anything.. And I also like the look of, I guess you can say, "wind" blowing through the tattoo.

    Does anyone have suggestions on what else would look nice? I'm not really getting anything symbolical, I just dont like the one on my back, I got it when I was young. I've attached pics so you can see for yourself.

    [Or something like this also: "Gaggle of Hearts"]

    Any comments/suggestions welcome and encourged!! Thanks!!
    2.jpg 1.jpg tat.jpg tat2.jpg
  2. I'm curious to know the answer to this question as well. I have a couple of tattoos I am less than happy with that I am interested in covering. If anyone has had it done, I'd love to hear how it went! :tup:
  3. :yes:
  4. WOW! I like the pic with the colorful flowers on it!
  5. The last one? I REALLY like that one too!
  6. I'm meeeting with my tattoo artist tomorrow at noon to discuss a design for a cover up. I'll let you know if I learn any trick of the trade for cover ups, what is possible and what isn't.
  7. Thanks ceseeber! :flowers:
  8. I had a small rose on my ankle. After many year its just looked blah so I had a larger orchid put over it you can even see the other.
  9. I've had a coverup on my wrist, was pretty small though. Basically it has to be bigger and ideally darker. You wouldn't cover up say, a stain on a carpet with a rug smaller than the stain, would you? You might need to get a few sittings to get it totally covered up, but if you go to a good artist there's no reason to think that it can't be totally gone :smile:
  10. Well my tattoo [as you can see] has black in it. If I'm thinking of it getting it covered up like the last tattoo I posted, you would still be able to see it? Even if the color is bright and big?

    I hope it can be covered!
  11. i think a tattoo artist would be best person to help ya...he knwo what will work well and blend with old design:yes:

    that what my friend was not easy process ot work out the final deisgn but turn out great:tup:
  12. i got a cover-up a couple years ago. certain parts of the original tat can still be seen but people that don't know something else was there before can't tell.

    the cover does have to be bigger. your tattoo artist will be able to tell you which colors cover better and should be able to help you choose a design if you're still unsure after s/he has a chance to see what they're covering.

    it took me forever to decide on what i wanted to get but i'm so much happier with the old one gone!
  13. I love the flowers!!
  14. I have a cover up on my shoulder was covered years ago and if you look close enough you can almost "see" what was underneath...if it's a good artist I think he can do a great job.
    Show us an update :biggrin:
    I love tattoos!!!
  15. I'm no help- I'm getting one lasered off.