Tattoo and pain?

  1. I'm planning on getting a tattoo in the very near future and I already know what I want, but the thing I haven't figured out yet is where to put it.

    I'm sensitive to pain, more mentally then physically. I freak out before getting my flu shot even though I know for a fact that I'm not going to even feel it. I've heard from many sources that a tattoo is more then just a little pinch and then again some have told me that it's a breeze.

    To those that have a tattoo, can you honestly tell me how painful it is and also how tolerant you are with pain (I know some people that even like pain LOL)?

    This is something that I really want so if it's not excruciatingly bad, I'm just going to suck it up, hold a hand, and take deep breaths.

    BTW, the place that I'm leaning toward getting it done is my upper back/neck. I've heard that this spot HURTS.. true or false?
  2. Oh, hell yeah it hurts. Little tiny needles poking you over and over at a million miles a minute, embedding the ink beneath your skin... why do you think most people get totally smashed before they go in?

    I have two tats, one on my upper right arm and one on my left wrist. The outlining hurts the worse, mainly because the needle used is different, I mean the technique is different. Color is done with a broader tip.

    And it's VERY painful to get them removed if you change your mind. My BEST advice is, if you get a tat, just don't get something you wouldn't show your grandmother, and NEVER EVER get someone's name done, unless it's your own child.

    Some spots are more sensitive than others, and yes, the neck/upper back is one of them. Good luck!
  3. I have a tiny heart with wings on my ankle that my two friends and I got on the last day of high school. It's so small that it didn't really heart. It's like getting your ears pierced in a way..just a little bit of pinching. I'm terrified of needles too so I understand why you are nervous. Just remember that the pain is will soon be over. :amuse:
  4. I have one on my right shoulder. It hurt for the first 10 min then it went numb. I am very tolerant to pain due to having 2 back surgeries and fracturing my ribs. My friend has one on her neck and she said it really hurt.
  5. i have a very low pain tolerance. the one on my wrist felt like bee stings until it went numb on the third letter of believe. the one on my ribs hurt like a mother (like dragging a razor blade over and over a really bad sunburn again and again plus weird uncomfy vibrations in your ribcage). the ribs are supposed to be one of the more painful spots (along with spine and neck....anything that's over bone) it was uncomfortrable, but worth it both times. actually since both of them memorialize something the pain was kind of cathartic.
  6. I have three tattoos and none of them hurt all that much. The sound is the worst part as it sounds like the dentist's drill. For me it was like a burning sensation and none of the three were that bad.
  7. I have one on my lower back, the pain felt like... a spoon carving into your skin. I have no idea how that came about.. but I had over an hour to think about how it felt.. and that was what I came up with... but once it's done, over-with, healed.... the pain was well worth it.. :biguns:
  8. I have one on my shoulder and one on my upper arm. They weren't terribly painful, but I have a very high pain threshold. (3 kids, natural childbirth) They kind of feel like a cigarette burn. The one on my upper arm was weird. He kept hitting a nerve and it would make my whole arm twitch!
  9. I have a tattoo on my ankle. My fiance got one as well (this was about 4 years ago) in the same spot. For me the pain wasn't *that* bad - but the morning after my entire leg (about up to my knee) broke out in hives - turns out I was having a reaction to the ink. Sleeping was even hard - anything touching my leg whatsoever burned. Luckily, the symptoms went away within 48 hours. My DF, on the other hand, who'd never even gotten a piercing let alone a tattoo, had no problems and claimed it quite painless. So it depends on your body as well. I'm good with pain - typically better than him (and have had a butt load of things pierced with barely a blink of the eye) - but for me it was pretty painful, especially the aftermath, and for him it was nothing - and there was no aftermath at all. My tattoo got all swollen and icky - his looked 100% normal (new tattoos look like henna with a bit of red around the ink). It was so supposedly painless that he got another tattoo on his other ankle about a year or so ago :lol:
  10. Oh - and if you're scared of needles - tattoos really won't provoke that fear too much, as silly as that may sound (as there are LOTS of needles involved in the process!) because the tool used for tattooing looks sort of like a pen - the needles are so small that, depending on the angle you're positioned at, you most likely won't even see them :yes:
  11. The worst one was the one on the top of my foot. Everything else was ok! (I have 5.)
  12. Initially it's a little painful, but not unbearable by any means. My most painful was my lower back and about 10 minutes or so into it, I wasn't sure how I was going to sit there, BUT then it got much better. I think you just get used to it or maybe adrenalin kicks in or something!
  13. I just got my 20th. The worst by far were the date on my wrist and the large tattoo covering most of the inside of my upper arm. The one on my wrist got quite swollen and I was paranoid for a day or two. The one on the inside of my arm hurt so bad *afterward*, I couldn't eat. I have what I would consider a normal pain threshold. Neck will most likely hurt more than the upper back, and you may feel some head vibrating which is an odd sensation. Even I get nervous the first time my artist puts the gun to my skin, so don't worry if you start to panic. Let the artist do his/her job and relax into it. It gets easier as they work.

    I have one very important piece of advice though--GET A GOOD ARTIST!! Please please please. There are so many bad artists out there, and people getting their first often go to the first person they find. I can remember in high school thinking one of my friends tattoos was so cool---it was actually crap but I was too blinded by the idea of a tattoo to care. Now I have crap work to cover up because I went to his artist...Better you learn from my bad experience than your own.
  14. I have 4, two on my back, one on my calf, and one on my stomach. The stomach one hurt the most, but honey, they all hurt. It's not excruciating, but you definitely notice it. The last one I got took about an hour and a half. I was relieved when it was over!!!!
  15. If I can give you some advice, I would say pick the spot where you want to get it done, then wait a FULL YEAR before you actually do it. I understand that you're settled on what you're getting, but the placement is just as final and important as the tattoo itself, so you need to be completely sure that it's what you want for life. The neck/upper back thing works for a lot of people, but I remember reading a thread very recently about laser tattoo removal and a bride who needed to remove something from her back since she was wearing a stapless gown to her country club wedding. I don't mean to sound preachy, I've just heard so many tattoo regret stories that I always caution people to think long and hard about what and where they want their tattoo to be. Laser removal is incredibly expensive and horribly painful (about 10x worse than the actual tattoo), so it's best to be certain this is what you want. Good luck!