Tattersall Wristlet?

  1. Okay...so I'm loving the Tattersall Wristlet, but its not online anymore:sad: and the stores close to me don't have it. I heard they could order it, but I was just wondering, since they are not in the regular stores, could they be appearing in the outlets any time soon?
    Has anyone seen one in their outlet? Also, could they be on sale then?? haha sorry for all the questions, just trying to find one and maybe get a good deal on it:graucho:

    I actually came across the Tattersall coin pouch at my outlet today and have it on hold, but I would rather have the writlet to carry more in. Also have a black wristlet and a pink duffle wristlet on hold too! LOL. Getting off track there!

  2. i saw the tattersall wristlet at a boutique yesterday. don't know if that helps.
  3. There are two available on eBay...I don't know if you'd want to shop on eBay for Coach (some people don't), one was for auction at 55.99 and the other's in an eBay Store for 68. I am IN LOVE with the Tattersall wristlet...and now to find out they have pouch...hmmmm, may just have to swing by my outlet tomorrow to see what awesome Tattersall finds I can grab!

    Thanks for the idea! :tup:
  4. Nordstroms in San Diego (University Town Center) had quite a few of them today. COACH (in the same mall) also had a few as well. I haven't seen them in the outlets yet.
  5. I haven't seen anything Tattersall in outlets except the coin purse.
    I have the Tattersall wristlet and love it. Have you tried calling JAX or looking at a local dept. store?

  6. I noticed the ebay ones already, I would go for the 55.99, but its 68 already and that persons shipping was like 12.00. So if it came to that I would just order from Coach.

    The pouch was $49.99 at my outlet,and there was only one. It was just kinda laying on the counter so I grabbed it. heheh:smile:
  7. too bad San Diego wasn't closer to Monterey, I'm heading there in a few weeks.
    Thanks for the help though:smile: Maybe since the store has some JAX does aswell...

  8. I was putting off calling if I had hopes of finding it somewhere...
    I checked the dept. stores around here and didn't have any luck:sad:
  9. I saw several at the Nordstrom's in Santa Ana, CA - maybe they can ship one to you if JAX is out?

    Good luck!
  10. I was at Macy's earlier today and they had 2...@ $68. :smile: The wristlet, that is...
  11. The handle pouch????????????????????????????????????????
  12. they still have the tattersall wristlet on macys.com for $68. I just saw them today!
  13. hmm...so I called Coach and I guess it is discontinued.
    I was watching this one "BIN" on ebay, where the seller had it listed for $68+12 shipping, and it was a long running auction so I'm assuming they have a few, but I just re-checked it and the BIN price is $98+12 shipping. There is no bidding option and its running for 25 days....hmmm....odd.
  14. Saw the wristlet in Dillards in Char, NC just yesterday. Didn't notice the price, though, as it was in a little locked glass case. Guess that means its reg. price? :s
  15. Could be on sale. The sale bags, keyfobs, wallets, etc. at the Coach in my Macy's are always locked up too.

    On Macy's online: http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=282953&CategoryID=25320