tattersall wristlet

  1. have anyone ordered the wrislet because i bought mine from the store in va but it doesn't have all the colors in it its missing the pink and some of the other colors. it just has the brown greeen orange and dark blue and a strip of light blue. i called coach they said that's just the way that bag was cut i could send it to coach and get another one but theres no guarentee that i will get the one with those colors, what should i do????
  2. mine has 2 stripes of pink so maybe it is the way the fabric was cut. I would take it back to the store and ask them to see one and exchange it if they have one with all the colors.
    Good luck.
  3. thanks yeah it must be the way its cut well I'm such a pink addict that its a must even tho I feel mine is an orginial
  4. It probably is how the fabric was cut.. just like tokidoki.. you don't know which section/character your gonna get so you have to prune thru all the bags to find the one with the best placement! XD
  5. Well that kinda stinks. You would think they'd all be the same.
  6. monokuro, I was going to post that it sounds like a tokidoki bag with different placement possibilities too! Personally, I think it's a good thing so that there are more individual pieces out there. It also makes it more rewarding when you do find the perfect placement! :tup:
  7. I've opened a whole box of them and they are all different. It just depends on where they were cut. Honestly if you want particular colors on it just ask to see a few at the store and pick the one you like the best. That is what I plan on doing when I decide to buy one. Some are green and tan and others have more of the blue and pink.
  8. aw... guess what i got my new wristlet they showed me 8 different writstlets to choose and i brought home a new one! but the funny thing is that they all were different!