Tattersall Satchel

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  1. Was the tattersall satchel only available for a short time? It is not on the website.
  2. I think you can still order it from JAX. Not sure on the number though.
  3. So many people ordered these before they came out, maybe there is low stock left.
  4. It hasn't even come out yet. As far as I know they are available to order, but do not go to stores until May.
  5. OOO Can't wait to see what that looks like... I think May is going to have some AMAZING new items!!! :police:
  6. Thanks bootsky.

    I like the look of it but don't feel so great about coated canvas. A store is opening in my city in May so that is good timing.
  7. I bought my satchel through the boutique but they had to order it. It's only available through JAX right now and won't be in stores till May (I think that's what the SA said). I love my satchel :love:
  8. That satchel is adorable! I want to wait to see it in person before I get it, but I'm not sure if I can wait until May!
  9. I love it. It is a lot nicer then I expected from pictures. I can't wait to use mine! I like the coated canvas, and it's pink!!!!!!