Tattersall Satchel is here!!

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  1. Man I love the FedEx guy :heart: I was taking the dog for a walk, saw his truck at the end of the street and high tailed it back home :P
    Here's my new Satchel! She's so pretty and I love her more than I thought I would! I have some modeling pics (pardon everything about them but the bag!) and for some reason it looks much bigger on me than it does IRL. It's so nice and light, too! Plus, the inside is a gorgeous pink :heart: I had to turn the flash off for some pics cause the flash bounced off the white bag.
    Here's are some pics! I can't wait to buy some matching accessories!


    Inside (much brighter IRL)

    sweet little turnlocks!

    on arm

    on shoulder
  2. sooooooooooooooo cute. Love the tattersall
  3. Love it! Makes me wish I would have gotten a sig. satchel when they were out.
  4. Wow that is really really cute. I think I like that style better than the tote.
  5. That is really a cute bag.
  6. Congrats on your new Tattersall Satchel.
  7. I have the pink medium Heritage Stripe tote so I didn't think I'd need another tote (though I may get a small Tatt. Tote at PCE). I've always wanted a satchel style bag and this one is perfect!!

    OT, I'm from Minnesota, too! Huge Stars fan and I remember growing up we lived next to a NorthStars player :P I still see people wear NS jerseys at Stars games!
  8. So cute! And it looks fantastic on you!
  9. Looks great on you!
  10. Congrats, it looks great on you!!
  11. Yay Minnesota! I am a Wild fan now, but still remember the last season of the NorthStars in MN...my family was sooooo sad when they left! I still :heart: their old jerseys!

    I've been looking at these tattersall totes/satchels for a possible casual summery bag, and these pics are making me want one even more! If I can't get my hands on a satchel, maybe the med. tote would be a good alternative.
  12. Great bag!! I really like this style. BTW, I love the Stars. I grew up in South Dakota but I've been the biggest Mike Modano fan since 1990. Now I live in Phoenix and go to see them play when they are here. I also still have both a NS jersey and sweatshirt. LOL
  13. It's so cute on you! If the drop length were a bit longer I would be all over that bag cuz its so adorable!
  14. totally thread-jacking my own thread here! We could have our own Stars fan club on the board! I know Voodoo is a fan, too! Modano is hot but I'm a Brendan Morrow fan and my fav player was Richard Matvichuk. Have his jersey and still think he's hot even though he's not a Star anymore...
  15. LOL I used to have the biggest crush on Mike Modano:blush:...Neal Broten was my hero as a kid, and I've used the #7 that he wore with the NS as my number on various hockey teams that I've played on...

    Sorry to distract from your beautiful new satchel ktdid, it's just hard to find gals that like Coach & hockey! Thought I was all alone:sad:

    Ok, thanks and now :back2topic: