tattersall rain boots

  1. SORRY... I dont have any but these are HOT, so CUTE!!! CONGRATS and hopefully some one here can help you out.
  2. I wear them in the salty crap everyday. I have to wash them since they get dirty, but I wouldn't worry about the rubber being hurt. I have a pair of scarf ones from 18 months ago and they aren't damaged.
  3. OMG those are so cute! I dont think you need to worry about wearing them in snow/slush/salt. Rubber is pretty durable/ easy to maintain. Just think of all the stuff your tires come in contact with, and they wash clean with water :yes: Enjoy you new boots!
  4. I have the scarf print ones but I haven't worn them in the snow. I thought they wouldn't be warm enough in the snow. I'll have to try them out though :smile:

    I want those tattersall boots now!
  5. They are super cute!! I don't think you would have to worry about them in the snow getting ruined but they sure would be cold!!!!
  6. Actually, I wear mine (signature ones) in the snow and the rain. They are amazingly warm with socks on - I'm guessing the rubber is an insulator.

    Enjoy them - they are so cute!
  7. Those rainboots are super cute! Love that tattersall! Congrats!! :smile:
  8. Those are HOTTTT!
  9. I think someone else asked a similar question... I think you can probably get away with it, unless they get really soaked, but I'd still err on the safe side, and keep exposure to a minimum...
  10. I love the tattersall print. Those are cute rainboots!
  11. VERY cute, the Tattersall is TDFF!!! Congrats!
  12. SUPER HOTT!!
    how much were they at macy's?

    and what's the style#?!?

    i LOVE THEM!
  13. $108 retail is what I remember.. they are just a tad too tight for me to wear :sad: 7s were great and the 8s were better for my calf but too big for my feet - 7 1/2 would be best if they ever made it.. or made shorter boots!
    they would be a great compliment to my tattersall satchel!
  14. i own 2 pairs of suede boots, id love to get some rainboots!
    i saw a girl at school w/those boots and they were soo cute on her so congrats on your new boots!