Tattersall Ponytail Scarf..

  1. .. Will it look cute on my white Ali? :smile:

    I'm looking for something to take her into Spring with and am not sure what!

    I think maybe I haven't used her because she isn't all "dressed" up :p
  2. I think any scarf would work w/the white ali. My preference though would probably be something more colorful, like maybe the legacy ponytail scarf. Then it would match the lining too.
  3. Yes it will work and will look adorable.
  4. The tattersal is the only scarf I have.. I also have a white ali and didn't think it would match at all but it looks pretty cute.. I do think something with more color would maybe be a little better, but the tattersal looks great on many things! here's a picture of mine. ;)

  5. i agree. go for something with a little more color.
    maybe an optic or something. just find something you LOVE!
    anything will go with white ali.
    remember - eBay is a girl's best friend! :p

  6. Oh I actually LOVE her w/that scarf!! I do love the Legacy as well so maybe I'll pick that up too.

    I'm returning my suede legacy wristlet :crybaby:. I love her but I really am not at the point in my life where I'm going out to clubs and dinners anymore so she isn't practical. I've held onto her for like 4 months hoping she'd get used, but nope!

    So I'm headed to the boutique to get my tattersall scarf, a heritage stripe wristlet in pink and maybe another smallish accessory.

    I'm still loving the Heritage Stripe totes, but I'm going to wait it out for one and hope that my wristlet fills the void for now.

    I had my Ali out of her dustbag earlier and she's just so gorgeous I can't part with her. My DH really loves her also... and he's a fan of the Heritage Stripe line too, but really thinks I should wait it out on that one and keep Ali.

    I think it's so funny my DH has an opinion on my bags :love:
  7. I definitely need to look on eBay more. I got a steal on a pair of Sofia sunglasses that are going for 198 at a local store right now. I got mine for 95 shipped! Still waiting on them to come in :smile:

    I haven't had any luck w/the scarves though -- I never find one at a good price.

    I need Ebay 101 lol :yes:

  8. Thank you ;) I love that scarf, no matter what bag it goes on or in your hair, it is so cute! :tup: I know what you mean, my dh has a lot of opinions on the bags but the Ali is his #1 favorite bag.. he especially loves it in the white. Lots of gals on here have said the same thing about their SO/DH that they love the Ali.. my dad does too, it must be a man thing! :p I think because it's leather, substantial, the turnlock, the look, etc. Have fun getting your new goodies and be sure and post pics! :yes:
  9. I think the Tattersall scarf would look lovely on your white Ali. :tup: