Tattersall items...??

  1. Does anyone know when any of the tattersall bags will be coming out, as well as any of the wallets? I would really like one of the wallets... any pics would be wonderful!! :tup:
  2. The coated canvas ones??/ If so they said early march they shuld have everything at JAX
  3. Yep the coated canvas ones... o really, JAX has them already? how 'bout the wallets? i'm trying to search the forum for the style#??
  4. Anyone know the style # to this?

  5. 41434,

    When I spoke to a SA earlier in JAX she said the totes they will have 2/19, but the accessories wallets etc not until March.
  6. For the one like 12220 (it is vinyl-coated cotton like the Heritage), the date is May 1. I just checked last Sat., and the SA looked it up for me. They do not yet have them at JAX, unless that's changed since last weekend.
  7. I thought someone said it was going to come in a satchel too, does anyone know any details on that?
  8. Oh gosh! That would be soooooo cute! Anyone??
  9. I saw in another thread that it comes in a satchel but only a "small" size :crybaby:... no pics were shown, just heard about it... ?? I hope it comes in a variety of sizes!
  10. Thanks tiki! I'll be hoping for my PCE, so I can get this adorable tattersall wallet!! :yahoo:
  11. Would you happen to know the approx. measurements of the small one?
  12. sorry hun, i'm not sure... it was in the thread that said "wow look at these", it was like the 3rd or 4th page into that thread... I just saw something mentioned that it comes in a small satchel, but I don't believe dimensions were given... and no picture... i'm dying to know what it looks like though! :yahoo:
  13. My guess is the same size as the Heritage satchel that is out now (not the XL one). :yes: I can't wait to see it - I bet it will be adorable!
  14. :sad: I just hope the satchels aren't going to be really small... I like at least a medium sized satchel
  15. i didnt like the tatersall when it first came out, but it has grown on me and i love it!