Tattersall Heritage Stripe for Fall????

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  1. I'm looking for a large Coach bag for fall......not sure what to get.....The large Tattersall Heritage Stripe (blue) is super cute - but for fall?????

    Am I the only one thinking it looks like a summer bag? Any suggestions for a larger fall bag? (I am just getting ready to move out of the Carly).

    Has anyone seen the new Hamptons Signature Carryall? I like the Coach fob on this one.

    Sigh......what to get????:rolleyes:
  2. If you are thinking signature, the hamptons carryall or hobo is really nice in the brown siggie. the large hobo and the carryall are a nice size. If you want to spend alittle more, then go for the hamptons carryall or hobo in leather. I just got the hamptons carryall in berry and its the best bag for Fall. Its a good size, even for me. I like BIG bags. I have the large leather carly. the hamptons carryall is just beautiful. Goog Luck and let us know what you get.

    BTW, Welcome to the forum.
  3. I think your right about the Tattersall bag looking a little too much like a summer bag. I myself just got the Hamptons Signature Stripe Fashion Tote in the berry color and I absolutely love love love it!! I would say for sure it is a huge bag, but it is "large" in a wide sort of way. To me the Hampton Carryall is "large" in a longer sort of way. I guess it just depends on if you like bags that are not so deep/and wide, or on the narrower side/and have more depth to them. I am trying to convince my sister to get the Hamptons Carryall in berry for her new fall bag. I love it, the pleats remind me of a skirt, and the clasp looks like a belt tied around the waist of the skirt. Too cute!! Good luck with your decision!!
  4. I liked the leather hamptons carryall, but it looked kind of small...but you said that you like BIG bags and it's still a good size? Is the signature hamptons carryall much larger (I've never actually seen either one in person - looking on Coach website).

    I'm a "fluffy" girl (ie larger) and feel like a small bag looks funny on me.....plus I carry ALOT in my bags.

    By the way.....this forum rocks! I have a severe handbag addiction that no one I know appreciates. My friend is having a knock off purse party and wants me to go (a lot of my friends will be there)....but I told her that I just could not do the knock off thing. I know my friends think I'm a bag snob (I am)....but I've spent too much money on handbags to go backwards. I don't understand why anyone would want to carry a pleather Chanel bag????? I would rather never own a Chanel than to own a fake (which is probably what will happen). Just can't seem to go all the way over the edge and purchase a bag for more than $600.00. I have spent 1k on a Coach with matching assessories.....but never that much on ONE bag. But I guess never say never.

    i would KILL for a large Lily!!!
  5. I agree, I think the tattersall is a spring/summer bag for sure. The large madeline is a very classy bag!
  6. Yes, that bag spells summer for me, but you could work it for the fall. I think it just depends on what colour your clothes are. If you wear lots of bright colours all year long, it could blend right in, but if you wear trendy fall colours like deep purple, browns, and maroons, then the bag would look out of place. Then again, if you really love a purse, who cares? Wear it proud and be happy!