Tattersall Graffiti

  1. While I am a 99% leather person, I just bought the domed bag this weekend and LOVE it!! I did not expect to like this bag from the photos, but in person I did, and I can definitely pull it off (sorry, over 16, though, lol!). I think it's a fun bag that will be great in bad weather. However, I admit I like some tattoo stuff as a general rule, so it's not surprising. If it's not too overdone, I buy Ed Hardy (not the bags but just some clothing, shoes, and belts), Free2Be..and brands like that. I just don't mix it and keep it to one item per outfit. It's just me, though, and from the photos, I thought I would hate it too.

    I can post pics if anyone hasn't seen it, but it does appear to be like the mirrored metallic that was recalled except that it seems a bit thicker IMHO...so I don't think it's quite the same. I also liked that unlike the other tattersall, there is no leather trim that's going to be problem in bad weather, or canvas that's going to be dirty. I only liked the original tattersall with the pink stripe, and of course the leather trim and canvas handles were a problem.

    ALSO...and this is the ONLY reason I bought a bag now (will keep the tags on for PCE adj. or whatever!).... ALL of these bags are different!! So there were some bags I did not personally care for the placement of the graffiti. Also some bags are more "busy" than others, and some have better centering, etc. Each one is unique I found, so I carefully chose the one that personally appealed to me.

    Hey, to each his own, but suffice it to say I went to Coach to buy two bags, and just walked out with this one. I then bought a Chloe capsule tote and RM MAB! Right now the other bags don't work for me for whatever reason...too small, don't like it, etc.. I was VERY disappointed to see the same garcia leather on the Legacy bags, and IMHO the trim looks thin and cheap...even on the metallic totes, which I did like better.
  2. ^^^Can you post pics?? Judgeing by the posts on here, I hope this bag makes it to the outlet sooner than expected.
  3. I ADORE Tattersall, BUT-I hate this version. The Ponytail Scarf is OK, but the purses sadden me-WHY???? Why spoil this beautiful print?

    Maybe I'm just too old-being 37, I'm just not into this particular tattersall style. I'll cherish my older Tattersall bag :smile:

  4. I will try to get around to that as soon as possible...might be tomorrow though 'cause I'm SUPER busy..I can barely keep up with mod stuff right now. :sad:

    I expect it will go to the very outlet soon, no doubt, just as the other HS bags did. They also had a new HS at my outlet over the weekend! So you can probably pick up returns. I went ahead and purchased it now because I'm picky on the graffiti part, but I will get a price adjustment hopefully...or just return it when/if I find one I like at the outlet. I don't plan to use it for a few weeks. I'm quite certain the outlets will get these in as returns shortly if the HS is any indication!!
  5. I'm not a fan of this, as the print seems too busy for me.
  6. Can't wait to see your pics, and filled with stuff too if you don't mind! Want to see if it will fit my daily dosage of sludge I put in mine :smile::tup:
  7. I'm not feeling it at all... :tdown:
  8. i do love the print, but i think the print gets a bit too much when placed on a bag that size. I do however plan on getting the mini skinny in that print, it's tiny so it doesn't seem as busy to me. =)
  9. I love it I want the large domed satchel I have been having drams about it lol
  10. I LOVE the tattersall print but I agree with so many. It's too busy. I may buy the scarves though. I bought one of the ergo convertible totes in gold from the outlet and the scarves might be a nice accent.
  11. Not loving it. I think it's a little tacky looking. Sorry. {ducks}
  12. I'm not sure if I love it or hate it! I tend to wear solids though, and in black or khaki, so I think it would definitely match my wardrobe. But the grafitti is really throwing me off! I just got the legacy tote with gold trim at the Outlet and it does work really well with my wardrobe (gives me the much needed color!), but I'm just not sure about this one! Kind of reminds me of the LV grafitti (which I hated), but not as offensive.....
  13. I do not like it. I like some of the styles offered, just not the design. Plus, I don't like the 'plastic' feel of the bag.
  14. ^ I know what you mean. All of the coated bags are kind of bugging me. I really like that dome style though..... I'm thinking of stopping by my outlet to see if they have that shiny leather dome bag some other posters have mentioned seeing.
  15. ^I agree. I have yet to be a fan of ANY of the coated canvas or coated anything type of material. I think it's the touch and txture of it that bothers me, doesn't feel right.