Tattersall Graffiti

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  1. Okay...who's feeling this design? It comes in a few styles, one of which is linked below:


    It may have to grow on me. I admit that I LOVE the original Tattersall print, but...not sure about this one. I might consider getting it, but it's a bit...um..."busy." And "gold." It's different, though...that's for sure.
  2. Isn't that gold trim looking like what the mirrored sabrina bags were supposed to be?
  3. I actually think it's cute! I haven't seen it IRL though.
  4. I like it, I think it would be a cute summer bag.
  5. Not feeling it.
    At least not for me.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE tattersall.
    But, this is apples and orange different than tattersall, IMO.
    The orig tattersall is classic, preppy, conservative, etc.
    This is a great alternative to tattersall. If it appeals to a more fashion forward person than I!
  6. I'm on the fence...it seems to busy...i like the different elements but not all together. I may like it IRL but I would probably only buy the accessories...the bags seems like they are too much
  7. I think it is kinda cute, but none of the shapes are really appealing to me. :thinking:
  8. To me, it looks like a kid doodled on their nice bag with a gold gel pen :x Maybe I'm just not fashionable enough but I got over the whole wanting to put lips and block lettering all over things a long time ago. I love love love tattersall but I think that would look silly on anyone over the age of 16, but to each their own! Maybe somebody can pull it off and prove me wrong.
  9. Busy and gold describe it perfectly! I really hated this bag when I first saw it online, but it was much better when I saw it in person. It's still not a bag I would get and use, but I can see it as a cute spring/summer bag for someone (just not me). :smile:
  10. I purchased the wristlet last week. There is a pic in the shopping form under Jan 09 buys. Anyway, I like it, overall but, I think the gold is a little too bright and kinda cheap looking. I will not be buying any of the bags for that reason.
  11. Its cute, but I dont think I would buy anything from it. I think its the handwriting for some of the graffiti :tdown: haha! I'll stick to original tattersall for now.

  12. I saw it IRL and agree the gold is REALLY bright. I would consider the smaller accessories but not a bag for sure. The scarf was pretty cute.
  13. i didn't like the print online.... but now that i've seen it in person.... i love it! however... that shiny gold trim is a dealbreaker... ICK! it screams cheap plastic!
  14. I think it's cute but not for me. I also think the gold is a bit too bright.
  15. I think it would a cute fun bag for the right person.. just not for me... also the shapes are nothing I am looking for in a bag.