Tattersall 6x8 Agenda

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  1. Thank you Coachfreak. I think I'm going to swing by my outlets this weekend. It couldn't hurt to look, right?

    BTW. I love your tattersall collection!
  2. Thanks!!!

    I am on the lookout as well. In Northern CA what outlets do you frequent? You can call one of yours with the item number and they can tell you if any other outlet on the west coast as it. I was looking for a turquoise tote for Candance a few months ago and one SA looked in the district system.
  3. I mostly go to the Napa (30 mins away) and Vacaville (45 minutes away) outlets but St. Helena, and Petaluma are close as well.

    Also, my parents live near the Folsom outlet so I can have them look for items for me as well.

    I'll try calling one of the outlets now. Thanks for the help!