Tattersall 6x8 Agenda

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to Coach but in a short time I have fallen in love with the tattersall pattern. I have a black bleecker checkbook wallet with the tattersall fabric (that i just bought from the last PCE), a tattersall wristlet and a tattersall coin purse. I would love to get the tattersall 6x8 agenda but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I have looked on e-bay and at several Coach outlets but I have had no luck.

    I know it was an item from last season but I was wondering if anyone knows if it might make an appearance at the outlets. I'm lucky enough to live near four Coach outlets so I don't mind being patient and checking regularly.

    Thank you for all your help!
  2. I doubt it. The only Tattersall item I have seen at my outlet is the coin purse. I have all Tattersall except the agenda. If I am not mistaken I still saw this in both the Flagship store and Legacy Boutique in NYC, so unless it is a return I don't think so. BUT I only shop at one outlet and it is not a large one, perhaps someone else can weigh in.
  3. It was still on the website not too long ago - you're talking about the one with the turnlock closure trimmed in leather right? You might want to call JAX and ask. There is a new coated tattersall one out now as well. I have that one and it's very nice - I got it mainly for the coated fabric - I need durability in a planner.
  4. Yes. I'm talking about the one with the turnlock. I'll try calling Jax. Thank you!
  5. Call the Legacy Boutique, they will do a phone order for you and I know I saw one a week ago Sunday.

  6. I have seen tattersall makeup bags as well as french purses at my outlet, you never know what ends up there
  7. Really? Was this at Aurora? I have never been to that one, but I might just have to go.
  8. I haven't seen the tattersall agenda at the outlets yet, but I have seen the coin purse, wallet, and wristlet. I bet it will show up soon!
  9. Is this the new coated one?
  10. ^ I want! I want! lol.
  11. Yeah aurora, this was like a month 1/2 ago though. When all the framed french purses were all out.

    But yah def saw these two Items there.

    Aurora is hit or miss


  12. That wallet is so pretty. :cry:
  13. I'm definately going to keep my eye out for that wallet. It's so cute.
  14. No, that's the regular fabric one. The coated one looks like the Heritage Stripe one, but it's in the new coated tattersall fabric w/ a large pink stripe down it (no closure). It's pretty and durable - I loved the one above as well as the Legacy Stripe one, but the fabric was going to be too delicate for my travels for work.
  15. Lawgal- I actually did see the wallet at my outlet today and scooped it up. I didn't see an agenda, but I asked them to call me if they got one in before they put it out.
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