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  1. Has the Tattersal wristlet and mini and stuff offically come out yet ? or were they out already and now arent? I cant find them on Coach.com and im thinking about the wristlet (id like the tote but i cant afford it right now) I did find them once i searched for "a" on Coach.com .
    Also does anyone know if a bigger (capacity) wristlet will come out in tattersal?

  2. Some people here have already gotten the tattersall wristlet and mini skinny. I don't know the style numbers, but if you do a search, you can probably find it in the Coach forum somewhere!
  3. I know the tattersall stuff is still on macys.com.
  4. yes it's out in stores and coach.com. if you type tattersall in the search box it should show up. as for the capasity wristlet i have no idea, but that would be nice.
  5. Wristlet is 41437 for $58.

    Mini skinny is 41432 for $48
  6. ^^yum! Love both of them!
  7. I would have bought the capacity wristlet had I seen it.
    I don't think stores have it...
    I may need the satchel in this!
  8. I would definitely buy a capacity wristlet if they were to make one!

    Have 41437 for now and :heart: it!

    FYI- the background is like an ecru NOT white.
  9. I saw tattersal at Macy's yesterday.
  10. they have a capacity wristlet coming out? what @_@? I just bought the wristlet on Monday even though I already have 2 other hampton signature wristlets
  11. I just got the skinny this week and I think I'm hooked on the tattersall and may have to go back for more!
  12. not that anyone is aware of, everyone is just *hoping* for it