Tattersal tote or Magenta bleeker large duffle?

  1. I'm having a serious dilemma. My birthday's next week and it's time I get a new bag! I've been going back and forth between these two for quite sometime, so please help!!!
  2. Is it for everyday? I'd go with the magenta duffle. I'd worry about the tote getting dirty easily
  3. Magenta duffle :okay:
  4. Yea, it would be an everyday bag. I just love the tattersal though!!! I'm afraid the magenta will be too bright.
  5. I love pink but I don't think the magenta would be a good color for everyday??? I think the Tattersal would be better.
  6. I agree with the tattersall for everyday. Its a great bag for fall.
  7. I like the magenta color. Still want to see it in person.
  8. I don't see the magenta as being an "every day" bag at all... I'd go with the tattersall but just be careful not to get it dirty. ^_^
  9. i agree...get the duffle in ink or wine or something, because it's a GREAT everyday bag...
  10. did you get it did you get it??
  11. I have the tattersall and although I love it it isn't for everyone.

    To me it is very functional, but could easily get dirty.
  12. Magenta duffle!! The tattersall tote is HUGE.... more of a carry-on bag. And it doesn't fit so great on the shoulder/under the arm.
  13. well, i sorta fell in love with the leigh in juniper instead. Plus the magenta duffle is impossible to get until 12/7. JAX has 0. :sad:
  14. OOOHHH...the Leigh Juniper is fabulous, too!! I think even better than the magenta duffle or tattersall tote. Great choice!!