tatortot is growing up!!

  1. new pics of my "grandson" tatortot aka jimmy chew aka..kitty

    he's growing into a fine handsome fella don't you agree...heheheh...Love the little stinker I do:yes::heart:
  2. aww! cute pic!!
  3. I love his name. LOL
  4. very cute-
  5. Your kitten is so cute!
  6. I would have to agree that he certainly growing into a handsome feller :smile:
  7. Yes, i agree wiv ya!! he really is growing into a handsome fella!
    btw, how old is he? my kitten is a tabby too, they look soo similar! :nuts:
  8. sooo cute!
  9. OMG what cute thing.
  10. Aww he is so cute! My boy cat is tabby and he is so handsome! Unfortunately my girls don't think the same!