Tasty Treats from Gucci

  1. I got the rest of my Xmas presents and quite pleased with the purchases I got from Saks - 2 dress shirts, 1 fun shirt and a pair of beautiful Gucci Loafers:

    I am so excited that I called my friends and am forcing them to go to brunch with me tomorrow, so I can wear out my purchases.....

    Happy Holidays from the rabid shopper!!!
    Gucci1.jpg Gucci2.jpg Gucci3.jpg Gucci4.jpg GucciShirt2-Fav.jpg
  2. This is the last shot with all three shirts in it -- whoops...I think I went a bit pic happy!
  3. How lucky are you!!!!! Congrats on such wonderful items. The shirtd are really nice. I love the loafers. PHH loves GUCCI shoes. He practically lives in them.
  4. Love the loafers and shirts.
  5. Very nice "Tasty Treats" Love the Gucci loafers. I bought those for DH for his birthday...he liked them but he preferred the tennis shoes. So I went straight back to the store. I also bought the brown hat to match the loafers. It was so hard to exhange those nice loafers for the black tennis shoes. Now he needs the brown tennis to match the hat. Those loafers would look so nice with a velvet brown blazer, white shirt, nice pair of jeans, matching hat and maybe a fun tie. The shirts are totally hot.
  6. CONGRATS - great new purchases!! YAY!! Enjoy!!!
  7. Those are great loafers!
  8. Love everything! It's great to see a guy with style! Enjoy your loot!
  9. Congratulations. Your stuff is gorgeous.
  10. Love the emblem shirt, congratulations...I'm sure you will look spiffy at brunch.
  11. Congratulations.
  12. the horsebit shirt is really cool!
  13. Those loafers are gorgeous!!!
  14. What a great bunch of gifts!! :heart: them all!