Food Tastey Tofu Recipes?


Sylvie Guillem fan
May 10, 2006
Easiest lunch or dinner.

Cube some firm tofu. Put in bowl.

Add some terrific soup and microwave for a minute or more.

The best soups are from the healthy foods dept of the supermarket. Wolfgang Puck is good. So is Annies. I like the box soups from Pacific or Imagine.



Surprisingly Content
May 14, 2006
I've perfected my tofu teriyaki recipe:

What you need:
Extra firm tofu cubed however you like, I like small cubes
Panko breadcrumb (japanese breadcrumb, often sold in grocery stores)
Baby spinach
Scallions (green onions)
Bean sprouts/soy sprouts

Teriyaki sauce
About a t-spoon of honey
Garlic/roasted garlic (from a jar) - about a t-spoon
A dash of lime juice
Soy sauce
About 4 tablespoons of peanut oil or a splash

Mix marinade to taste - keep in mind it should be fairly salty/flavorful because tofu is flavorless in nature

Add the cubes to the marinade and you can let sit, or simply just cook. Throw all the marinade and the tofu in a skillet and cook on high for about 5 minutes, or until all sides have browned. Remove the cubes from the skillet, leaving the marinade in there. Add the cubes to a bowl and sprinkle panko over the cubes. Toss around the cubes until they're fairly covered with the panko. Plate the baby spinach and bean sprouts together as a bed, and add the tofu on top of the veggies. Lastly, drizzle the remaining marinade in the skillet over the plate, making sure to get the juices onto the spinach and bean sprouts. As a final touch, add chopped scallions all over the final product. Each bite should contain a spinach leaf, a bean sprout, a cube of tofu, and a scallion on top - it's flavor HEAVEN - and though you may think it sounds complicated, it takes no more then 10 minutes for the entire thing, preparation included!


Just one more...
Jan 3, 2006
Wow, I have to say I've never been a tofu person, but some of these recipes sound good. I may have to give in and give it a try.


Jul 30, 2006
Got this from I love it!

Caramelized Golden Tofu

1 lb firm tofu, cut into slabs about ¾-inch thick
2 Tbsp peanut oil, divided
Salt to taste
2 tsp soy sauce
3½ Tbsp light brown sugar

1. Drain tofu, blot with paper towels; cut into ¾-inch cubes.

2. Heat oil in medium-sized nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Add tofu and fry until golden, about 3 minutes; lightly sprinkle with salt to taste. Drain on paper towels.

3. Mix soy sauce and sugar in a small bowl.

4. Heat wok or heavy skillet; add tablespoon of oil used to fry tofu or fresh peanut oil, and swirl it around the wok. When hot, add soy mixture, reduce heat to medium, add tofu. Toss well, then simmer for 2 minutes.

5. Add 3 tablespoons water; cook until sauce coats tofu with syrupy glaze. Turn off heat. Let tofu cool in syrup for 10 minutes.

This is a part of a broccoli and mushroom recipe too, but this is yummy enough on it's own or with the broccoli and mushrooms simply sauteed:yes:


Surprisingly Content
May 14, 2006
So I concocted this tonight and it was AMAZING. CHEESY TOFU ENCHILADAS! (Copied from the post I made on a WLS community)

So lately I've been ALL ABOUT the Mexican food lol - but for some reason, whenever I eat it (especially enchiladas) I get nauseous due to all the oil used - bleh! Not to mention I don't do well with meats - and cheese enchiladas really aren't good for you with all the fat and oil - so I've had to steer clear from Mexican for the past 10 months with the exception of teensy bites here and there. I decided, with my creative culinary art skills (teeheehee) to try a healthy version of enchiladas but with tofu added to the cheese. Dudes and dudettes, lemme tell you, it came out UNBELIEVABLY good. Even my boyfriend, a former tofu scardy cat, LOVED it! So you gotta try it - it's to DIE for - and good for you!

What you need:
--Extra firm tofu cut in 3 or 4 strips (enough to line the inside of the center of the tortilla - just as you'd do with steak or chicken) about 3 inches long and about 1/2 inch thick, 1/2 inch wide
--A bit of chopped onion (yellow or spanish is best)
--Some chopped cilantro
--shredded Monterrey Jack cheese
--1 wheat tortilla (I use Manny's)
--Enchilada sauce (I use La Victoria)
--Hot sauce to taste (I like it SPICY - I use Goya red salsa picante)
--Olive oil/EVOO (I use half and half to spread it)

Cook the tofu:
In pan heat oil on medium low and sautee cilantro and chopped onions (you don't need many - less than 1/4 cup). After about 2 minutes sauteeing increase heat to high and add tofu. Sautee tofu with the onions and cilantro for about 5 minutes on high, flipping every minute or until light golden brown. Remove tofu and place on seperate plate.

Making an enchilada:
Clean pan and add fresh oil and heat on high. Add wheat tortilla and cook on high for about 30 seconds to a minute per side or until the tortilla begins to darken a bit. Remove the tortilla and drain on paper towels. Empty the remaining oil into an oil safe container and add some of the enchilada sauce to the pan (with the heat off). Put the tortilla into the sauce in the pan and flip around until its completely covered. Remove the wet tortilla and add to an oven safe plate. Line the tofu up on the center of the sauce-soaked tortilla. On top of that sprinkle the onions and some cilantro. On top of that add extra enchilada sauce (and hot sauce if you like) to the tofu so that it is completely red. On top of that add looottttssss of cheese - however much you like really, but we like it CHEESY! Cover the cheese with more sauce - a decent amount if you like a wetter enchilada - less if you like it to be dryer and closer to a quesadilla-like consistency. Now roll the tortilla (yes, you will get sauce on your hands, lol) into an enchilada! Put a few extra spoons of enchilada sauce (and hot sauce) on top of the tortilla so that your enchilada won't dry out. Add just a bit of extra cheese to the top of the enchilada and sprinkle with chopped scallions. Wah-la! Add to a preheated 350 degree oven for 15 minutes and viola! Enjoy! ((Serve with low fat/fat free sour cream on the side if you'd like!)



Nov 13, 2006
Another dimension
When eating Thai food I usually choose Thai green curry. I love the coconut sauce with copious amounts of rice.

Anyway, I don't have a proper tofu recipe, this is something I made up. I try to emulate the green curry and although it doesn't have the exact flavour it still tastes good.

1 can coconut milk
1 packet of firm tofu, cubed
Various veggies, like red/green bell pepper cut into chunks, baby corn, peas, sliced water chestnuts etc
I medium onion (chopped), garlic (finely chopped), lemon grass (sliced large), galangal (sliced), sliced spring onions (scallions)
Optional- chili flakes if you want heat

Fry onions in 2-3 tbsp oil with 1 tsp salt until just soft (not brown). Add garlic, galangal and lemongrass, fry. Add chili flakes according to taste or omit altogether. Add veggies and fry until cooked (but veggies should be crunchy). Check salt. Add cubed tofu (I don't pre-fry because of the extra calories). Then add can of coconut milk and heat through. If a little thick add 1/2 cup of water or according to preference. Check salt. Garnish with chopped spring onions. Eat with rice.

NB. can substitute tofu for shrimp