tasteful logos...

  1. how many logos can you wear at once without looking like designer roadkill?

    for example...

    would it be too much to carry a lv mono bag with chanel sunnies?
    an monogrammed jacquard gucci bag with tory burch flats?

    there are so many monogrammed bags/shoes/etc out there. where do you draw the line?
  2. i personally think the tory burch logo is subtle and not as well known that you could wear it with anything. a dior logo something with an lv mono bag- maybe not so much. i think it depends on the logo and the items.
  3. Well, I think the chanel sunglasses, you can wear with any logo. Are you carrying 2 bags? It doesn't sound like too much.
  4. Branded sunglasses and logoed bag is enough, more than that will be too much in my opinion. Two matching small or medium heavily logoed items will be fine (Like a scarf and bag or sunnies or bag), but for items with no logos, even though they may be LV I don't see why you can't mix and match as much as you like.
  5. 2 items is enough
  6. Sunglasses and a logo bag is fine IMO. But if I had logos on my shirt f.e., I wouldn't wear a logo bag.
  7. I think your examples are totally fine. But a Mono Lv Bag, Chanel Sunglasses, Dior Shirt/Gucci shoes would be a designer roadkill ;) It depends, but two designer/logo items are enough.
  8. id say if you got it wear it or show it that's what it's for anyway...
  9. I agree!

    Everyday for school I have on me: LV bag, LV accessories, Chanel glasses, Cartier watch, clothes ranging from 5-200$ in VAROIUS shades/patterns lol, (and if it's the summer time I'll wear some nice heels)... am I overdoing stuff? a live fashion faux pas? tacky? I say WHO CARES! People stare at me all the time and I've become used to it. However, it is pretty funny when people raise their eyebrows when I have a Med book with me.... Life is a joke anyway! (or at least for me it is :biggrin:)
  10. Of course, it depends of the logos and of the designers. For instance, I think it is easy to match Burberry check with LV! I like on the beach wear my Burberry shorts+Burberry sunglasses+LV pochette Bosphore! i think it's too much! It is also easy to mix LV bags with burberry scarf or belt! By the way, 2 designers logos seems to me a maximum!
  11. Logo bag is enough for me but everyone is different.
  12. I think sunglass logos are not an overkill with much of anything. Same goes for eyeglasses. If so I'd be commiting fashion suicide each time I carry mono.

    A scarf monogrammed is one of those pieces however I think can be tricky not to overkill with when pairing with a bag.
  13. One mono item is it for me. If I carry an LV mono bag, no other mono, logos. :yes:
  14. Two is max before looking like a chav or a rap star
  15. I totally feel the same way some times. =P Dresseing up so people think you're a total airhead or some other stereotype then to suddenly carry something to prove them wrong.

    Anyways, it's not really about the brand, it's about LOGOS. Epi could easily be carried with two more heavily logoed items because it's not logoed. The problem is when you look like a fashion pineapple with no social antennas, like wearing a full outfit in monogram multicolour.

    I normally wear a lot of differenet patterns (not so much patterns though, as I'm not so much into patterns) colours and and some logos, prada shoes (which are totally understated, so they don't really count as logo items) and lately I've really been into accessoires and jewelry. As long as it doesen't look like you have no confidence because of logo overload or that you really have to PROVE something (ghetto fab. ) it's ok. ( I still get a lot of looks though >_< even with non logos. =P )

    CEC.LV4eva, in all of your pictures, you look wonderful and never overkilled in any way, so I don't think you have that issue. Unless you regularly put on a monogrammed trench. ;)