Taste the Taiga...

  1. After what seems like forever, I've captured a shot of my collection.
    Taiga Epicea.JPG
  2. Nice! Very classy, understated pieces, which are my favourite!
  3. wow really nice!
  4. That is one classy collection! Very nice
  5. Ahhh.... don't you just love Taiga?

    I am thinking of starting of building my own collection from a certain line: Suhali. :drool:
  6. ^^omg john ur so outrageous!! i love it!!
  7. LVoe it!!!!
  8. Great collection!!
  9. I'm so in love with the Taige line, but can't really find anything I want.
    Would love to see some more pictures of your beautiful collection, especially if you could take some single pictures of each piece.. (:
  10. Very classy, nice collection!
  11. Love the pic - Taiga is so utterly classy!

  12. Congratulations! Nice collection.
  13. what a great collection! congrats!
  14. Well well well! Look at you ... awesome collection! I love it ... excellent taste!:tup::tup:
  15. beautiful!!! love taiga