Taste the rainbow... no longer.

  1. Well, sort of. :girlsigh:

    Back when I was younger (like half a year younger, aheehee...) I posted my collection which had all the wonderful colors of a rainbow, here

    Pics of my updated collection!

    I love this place. Just when I thought I had enough variety; I take pics and come to the irrevocable conclusion that I need a bright green and bright blue. And pink. :thinking: You see this? This is why I :heart: you girls so.

    Pardon my pictures madness. :amazed:

    06 Olive Box, 06 Ink First, 07 VD Day, 05 White First, 06 RV Box, 06 Grenat First, 07 Natural City
    IMG_0532.JPG IMG_0531.JPG IMG_0536.JPG IMG_0540.JPG IMG_0533.JPG
  2. Gettin a handle on things.
    IMG_0547.JPG IMG_0551.JPG IMG_0544.JPG IMG_0554.JPG IMG_0555.JPG
  3. The ever changing collection! LOVE IT!
  4. Solo shots! :love:
    IMG_0511.JPG IMG_0514.JPG IMG_0517.JPG IMG_0523.JPG IMG_0510.JPG
  5. More solo shots.

    Ink First
    Ivory Day
    Blueberry First

    (The last two were somehow left out of the group festivities. Dunno what came over me?)
    IMG_0526.JPG IMG_0569.JPG IMG_0560.JPG
  6. YUMMM! I hadn't joined the forum yet when you posted your rainbow RERE- I really enjoyed taking a look at those- it LOVE the perfect balance of all the colors in your rainbow. But now, your collection is a gorgeous mix of muted earth tones- both are truly stunning!! And that RV box is making me swoon!
  7. Gorgeous then AND now! :drool:
  8. Such a pretty rainbow.:girlsigh: I love your Vert Deau Day and Blueberry First.:tup:
  9. You have a gorgeous collection, love it!
  10. :drool: wow, what an amazing collection! I actually really like how you don't have a ton of bright colors, but still have color as part of your collection! Your RV Box and VD Day are a wonderful pop of color, and your Ink First is gorgeous!!!!
  11. Oh my word! Such a beautiful rainbow! I love your color expression!!!!!
  12. gorgeous!!
  13. Fabulous collection!!!!! :heart::heart:
  14. Love the handle pictures, you can really see the variety of colors that you have.
  15. you still have a gorgeous collection :love: ~ :heart: the ink :drool: